Slimming belt belly: effectiveness and rules of application

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Fat deposits in the waist area do not have the best effect on a woman’s appearance and self-esteem. Especially to solve this problem, a belly slimming belt was developed.

According to the manufacturers, it can become an aid in the struggle for harmony. But is a belly slimming belt so useful? To make the right decision for yourself, information about the pros and cons of devices, as well as the features of their use, will help.

Operating principle

Most models of belly slimming belts work according to the same principle. The elastic material of the product fits snugly to the body in the problem area and heats it up.

The body secretes sweat to cool it off. Along the way, energy is spent, blood circulation improves, toxins are removed. Weight loss occurs due to fluid loss. Some devices also create a massage effect and stimulate the contraction of the abdominal muscles.


Depending on the impact, there are several types of belts for slimming the abdomen. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Belly Slimming Massage Belt

Such belts for slimming the abdomen vibrate due to special rollers located inside the device. They massage the skin and fatty layer, having an effect similar to the classical massage.

With regular use, the appearance of cellulite decreases, elasticity increases, the press becomes more toned. The belly slimming massage belts can be powered by batteries and mains. Usually a power regulator is provided in the design.

Thermal Belly Slimming Belt

The thermal effect belly slimming belt consists of several layers. The main materials used are neoprene, lycra, thermosel. The size is adjustable with Velcro.

The effect is achieved due to the release of heat, the optimal effect is observed during physical exertion. The belt is invisible under clothes and belongs to an affordable price category.

Slimming Sauna Belly Belt

It differs from the thermal belt only in the built-in heating element and temperature controller. The principle of operation is the same – the removal of fluid by heating the body, but the effect will be more pronounced, even without physical exertion during use.

The sauna belt for belly slimming can be used for a limited time (10-50 minutes). Recommended for warming up the muscles before training, relieves back pain.


The device produces low power electrical shocks that stimulate muscle contractions. The achieved effect is an increase in muscle tone and skin elasticity. More suitable for people without a lot of overweight who want to model the silhouette.

The set of the myostimulator for slimming the abdomen includes a special gel and batteries, the power of work is regulated. The maximum duration of one session is 10 minutes. It is advisable to carry out myostimulation after consulting a doctor, as side effects are possible – disruption of the intestines and pelvic organs.

Combined Belly Slimming Belt

The combination belly slimming belt combines vibration with heat. This type of product is considered the most effective.

According to the manufacturers, the device fights cellulite, osteochondrosis, radiculitis. The price of such a belt is above average.

Does a slimming belt help to remove the belly by itself?

It is impossible to achieve sustainable weight loss using only a belt, without making adjustments to the diet and lifestyle. The most that can be done is to remove excess fluid, thereby reducing your weight for a while. However, the weight loss will be negligible, and all the fat will remain in place.

A belly slimming belt can provide a little help. If you use the device as an aid during physical activity, it will accelerate the breakdown of fats in the problem area and improve the condition of the skin after losing weight.

Selection rules

How to choose the best belly slimming belt? If you have a desire to try this device, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. The set goal. For modeling the contours, myostimulants are more suitable, and for active weight loss, thermal and combined massagers.
  2. Size compliance. Typically sizes range from S to 4XL. Too small a belt can hurt, and a loose one can be ineffective. Models with adjustable clasp are preferred.
  3. Product quality. It is safer to order goods on the official website of the manufacturer or purchase in specialized stores. The belt must have a quality certificate. A suspiciously low price is a sign of a fake.

Review of the best belly slimming belts

A rating of the most popular belts for belly slimming has already been formed among consumers. Among them are Ab Gymnic, Vibro Shape, Vibra tone (Vibroton), Sauna Belt, Volcano.

Ab gymnic

slimming belt Ab Gymnic

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Myostimulator for the abdomen with adjustable intensity and timer. Conductive gel, batteries and two removable retaining straps included. Pros:

  • compactness;
  • affordable price;
  • versatility (also suitable for arms, buttocks, legs).


  • gel and batteries can be difficult to find on sale separately from the device;
  • may cause discomfort;
  • the power of the device is low.


Vibro Shape

Vibro Shape slimming belt

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The device can work as a sauna belt and a vibrating massager for abdominal slimming. The main functions are to maintain skin elasticity and muscle tone, remove fluid, and activate blood circulation. Mains powered, with remote control and storage bag. Pros:

  • effectiveness with regular use;
  • adjustable clasp;
  • the possibility of using for massage of legs, buttocks and back;
  • helps to normalize bowel function with constipation.


  • can provoke itching and dizziness;
  • noisy;
  • is not cheap.


Vibra tone (Vibroton)

Vibra tone slimming belt

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The abdominal slimming belt creates vibrations that train muscles and improve blood circulation. Mains powered, there are 5 power levels. Includes remote control, storage bag, measuring tape, diet brochure. Pros:

  • suitable for different areas (back, arms, lower back, legs, buttocks);
  • relieves muscle pain after exercise;
  • fights osteochondrosis;
  • the clasp is adjustable.

The disadvantage of the model is that the effect is weak. Also the belt is quite noisy. Average price – 1800 rubles.

Sauna Belt

slimming belt Sauna Belt

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The device creates a sauna effect due to heating elements and a special material that retains heat. The belt for slimming the abdomen works from the network, the heating temperature is adjustable. Pros:

  • ease of use;
  • efficiency;
  • price.


  • short cord;
  • the material is unpleasant to the touch;
  • may give off a chemical odor.



slimming belt Vulcan

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Thermobelt Vulcan for abdominal slimming removes excess fluid and stimulates blood flow. Product advantages:

  • ease of use;
  • durability;
  • invisibility under clothes;
  • inner cotton layer that reduces the likelihood of skin irritation;
  • small price.

The main disadvantage is the need for physical activity to activate the work of the product.

To make the use of a slimming belt safe, follow the rules for using the device:

  1. Study the instructions and contraindications for the use of the selected product. Such devices are not suitable for people with diseases of the skin, heart, internal organs and circulatory system, as well as for pregnant and lactating women.
  2. Start with small sessions (up to 5 minutes), gradually increasing the exposure time.
  3. Do not exceed the recommended duration of use.
  4. Make sure that the belt does not overtighten the body.
  5. Maintain product hygiene by wiping parts in contact with the body with a damp sponge and detergent, unless instructed otherwise.
  6. Take a break from wearing the belt if you have a rash or diaper rash.
  7. Follow your drinking regimen. Due to the increased removal of moisture from the body, you need to drink a glass of clean water before and after the session.
  8. If you feel worse while using the device, you need to stop the course and consult a doctor.

A belly slimming belt for women, however, as well as for men, can be an additional tool for maintaining slimness. But the result will depend on the effort and attitude.

If you are interested not only in modeling the body, but also in losing excess weight, in addition to wearing a slimming belly belt, it is important to adhere to dietary restrictions and increase physical activity. Do not forget about the possible harm to health. A doctor’s consultation is recommended before using any of the slimming belts.


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