Soapy, glossy, fluffy – fashionable eyebrow design options

Fashion for eyebrows doesn’t change as often as trends in makeup, hairstyles or clothing. But she is also subject to change, so you should not ignore fashion trends, because eyebrows play an important role on the face. Many makeup artists are even sure that the success of makeup and the beauty of a woman in general depend on them. It is worth picking up a bad shape or color, as the expression on the face completely changes.

To make the right choice, we suggest studying which eyebrows are currently in fashion and choosing one of the trendy options.

What eyebrows are in fashion now: trends of 2020

Speaking about fashionable eyebrows, first of all I would like to remind you that thin eyebrows-strings are still among the anti-trends, as well as tattoo done in one color.

Eyebrows with a natural shape that suit your face shape and medium width are considered relevant.

Scause is the trendiest form this year.

Scout – these are eyebrows of a natural shape (horizontal, arched), which cannot be corrected in any way using tweezers. There is no artificially created arc, a house. There are many hairs knocking out of the total mass, which create a slight carelessness, fluffiness.

The eyebrows of the scouse are also called male or boyish, since the stronger half rarely resorts to the help of eyebrows to correct the shape. If you managed to keep your own eyebrows intact, you don’t even need to start plucking them.

Combed up or fluffy

One of the most current stellar and fashion trends on the eyebrows is fluffy, combed up. You can create this effect if you have the “scouse” edges untouched by scissors and tweezers. To style them in a fashionable way, you need a transparent gel and a silicone thickening brush. Apply a small amount of the fixing agent, comb the hairs up with a brush to dry in the desired position.

With shadow shading

The most classic version of fashionable eyebrows that suits women of any age, including 45+ with shading. The free space between the hairs is painted over with shadows or a pencil. You can also make your life easier by making an eyebrow tattoo using a powdery technique or nano-spraying.

Read more about eyebrow tattooing techniques in this article.

Without toning

The trend for natural eyebrows without tinting, paint and henna continued this year. Makeup artists recommend not adjusting anything if the eyebrows are thick enough and the shape matches the face. It is enough to style the hairs with a special brush, without painting over the voids between them, and start eye makeup.

Soapy or wet effect

Many have tried the eyebrow lamination procedure and were satisfied with how beautifully the eyebrows shine after it. However, the effect does not last long, so the issue of repetition at home has become quite acute. Many professional makeup artists suggest using a clear eyebrow gel that gives almost the same effect. And Hollywood stylists even revealed their even more budgetary option for creating wet perfect eyebrows.

For example, Rihanna’s makeup artist uses regular soap to rub the brow brush and then style it. Hair becomes smooth and manageable. Try it!

Eyebrows – caterpillars

Now a little about extreme trends. One of these is caterpillar eyebrows (also called feathers). To do this, you need to have dense “scauses”, which are divided in the middle and comb up and down, imitating a caterpillar. Looks stylish and modern, but not for everyone. This trend is used by young people who want to stand out and look extraordinary.


Another eyebrow trend 2020 is colored. You can paint them completely in red, blue, green, purple, or create an ombre or rainbow effect. Everything is envious of the client’s imagination and the skills of the master.

If you decide not to spend a lot of time on eyebrow care, tinting with henna or paint, daily drawing before applying makeup, pay attention to eyebrow microblading or hair technique, powder dusting and eyebrow nano-dusting. These are fashionable eyebrow tattooing techniques that allow you to create the effect of natural hairs.

What shape of eyebrows is in fashion now?

Girl with natural makeup

So, we found out that the trend is medium width eyebrows with and without shadow shading. It is also important to comb them with a gel, creating a wet effect. But what about the form?

In fact, the shape of the eyebrows is adjusted individually. To do this, draw three straight lines from the wing of the nose to identify the beginning, end and highest point. Look at the photo.

How to choose the right eyebrow shape

But today a new fashion for eyebrows has gone and many women do not take into account the standard indicators, wanting to make themselves horizontal eyebrows. They are now the most popular.

The most fashionable eyebrows today are naturally shaped. Unnatural curves and creases are a thing of the past. It is not fashionable to look too surprised or too low. It is only important to emphasize the natural shape of the eyebrows by removing excess hairs. (To understand which hairs to remove, look at this diagram)

How to properly pluck eyebrows with tweezers

How to paint your eyebrows yourself: step by step

There are several ways to paint your eyebrows, but we will tell you about the most fashionable one – light shading. To do this, use a pencil, shadows, a brush, gel fixing the hairs.

How to tint eyebrows with a pencil

  • Step 1: We comb the eyebrows with a special brush to give them a shape;
  • Step 2: Underline the lower growth line with a pencil;
  • Step 3: Select the edge of the eyebrow;
  • Step 4: Shading the pencil, filling in the voids. You can use shadows of an identical shade;
  • Step 5: Use concealer or beige pencil to highlight the edge;
  • Step 6: Comb the hairs again with a brush and fix them with transparent gel.

More on how to make up your own eyebrows HERE.

Features of the choice of eyebrow color

Girl with natural makeup

The color of the eyebrows rarely needs to be drastically changed. In most cases, with a pencil or shadows, you just need to give them shape and shade. It must be remembered that the color of the eyebrows depends on the color of the hair. They should be 1 tone lighter or 1 tone darker.

Beautiful eyebrows for brown-haired women

Eyebrow makeup and its features:

  • For brown-haired women and brunettes, eyebrows should be in the tone of the hair or 1 lighter;
  • For blondes and fair-haired – 1 tone darker than hair;
  • For redheads – a warm brown shade on par with the hair – not darker or lighter.


Beautiful shape and color of eyebrows

So, let’s highlight the main trends regarding eyebrows and their fashion:

  • You don’t need to draw new eyebrows to be in trend.
  • The fashion for a perfect shape with an ombre effect has passed.
  • Today, the trend is natural eyebrows.
  • There should be no sharp corners, bends.
  • The color is selected depending on the shade of the hair, and the width from the natural shape.
  • If the eyebrows themselves are thin, the voids are filled with shadows or a pencil.
  • If there are enough hairs, a gel is used to create a wet effect.

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