Social Media Gods: Which Men Should You Avoid If You Prefer Online Dating?

Social networks and dating sites are a haven for men who don’t like dating in real life. Among them there are special shots, the attention of which should be avoided. We will talk about this in today’s article!

Type №1 Inflated handsome

It is very easy to understand that you are in the wrong place. All the photos literally scream that the guy is a regular at the gym. If you don’t want to hear about the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the benefits of dieting and avoiding alcohol on a date, it is better to protect yourself in advance. As a rule, such men do not think about anything other than sports and their own beautiful body.

Type №2 Boltushka

This handsome man can write to you all night long, promise mountains and endlessly confess his love. However, he will not offer a real date until the last, it is easier for him to come up with a thousand excuses. If you do not want an Internet relationship, make it clear immediately. Otherwise, the virtual romance will drag on.

Type No. 3 Diversified

Scientifically speaking, this is the same polymorph for which one girl, a single profile and one dating site are not enough. He can fall in love with you endlessly, but he does not stop there, and you will begin to suspect this after a while. If such thoughts crept in, you should immediately ask and make sure that you are the only one. And if everything suits you, you definitely don’t need to worry.

Type №4 Businessman

In the photo, the first plan is an expensive watch, in the background a dream car, in the status of the statement of the richest man in the world. If you find all three signs, it’s worth considering, because for such a person, career will always come first. In real life, he may only strive to become very successful, but he does not always need a girl for this.

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