Soft gyms that promote our healing

Le Qi Gong

This traditional Chinese gymnastics aimed at controlling and strengthening one’s vital energy, through slow movements, immobile postures and concentration and breathing exercises.

For who ? For people who are stressed, prone to hypertension, sick or convalescing (cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, etc.), the elderly, but also all those who wish to strengthen their immune system and keep in shape.

What are the benefits? Qi Gong optimizes the functions of the organism and strengthens it, improves flexibility, sleep and vitality, reduces stress, improves memory, imagination and concentration skills, promotes letting go, prevents disease and would live longer.


We follow different postures, which work all the muscles of the body in turn, with particular emphasis on the abs and glutes. Although demanding, these movements are carried out smoothly, without impact or pain. Pilates requires real concentration, and relies heavily on breathing.

For who ? Anyone can practice, especially people who are stressed, tired, injured or convalescing, but also pregnant women and the elderly (with medical monitoring).

What are the benefits? Pilates deep muscle, softens, improves posture and breath, helps fight stress and back problems.

The Feldenkrais

This method of self-education starts from the principle that we always reproduce the same movements, automatically, adopting often twisted postures to avoid certain pain. Practiced in a group or in an individual session, it aims to reveal to us a healthier way of moving, in all awareness, through exercises carried out oneself and manipulations carried out by a practitioner (on the ground, sitting or standing) .

For who ? Ideal for people suffering from injuries due to repetitive work (tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome …), those suffering from neuromuscular problems, eating disorders, or who wish to recover after an injury. It is also appreciated by dancers, athletes and actors.

What are the benefits? This technique improves body perception and mobility, reduces musculoskeletal pain and makes us aware of our abilities and limitations. All without effort or shortness of breath!

What gentle gym to practice to promote inner well-being?

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