Sophrology, what is it for?

Sophrology: what does this gentle method consist of?

Sophrology is a psycho-body method that combines breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, visualization exercises, and meditation. A session with a sophrologist is active, unlike a massage for example, which is a method of passive relaxation.

During a sophrology session, which can be performed standing, sitting, or even lying down, the sophrologist guides the person, who will also participate in the relaxation work.

Sophrology, an effective solution to manage stress and emotions

Stress, shyness, emotionality, hypersensitivity … Many emotions can be targeted in order to learn how to better manage them on a daily basis. Through one or more individual sessions, the sophrologist gives us the tools in the form of static and moving breathing exercises, or even visualization to learn to keep control, but also to increase their capacities.

Thus, thanks to sophrology we can:

  • Gain self-confidence and improve self-esteem
  • Learn to manage stress on a daily basis
  • Learn to cope with anxieties
  • Learn to better manage your emotions
  • Learn to cope better with overwork
  • Prevent burnout

Public speaking, exams, job interviews… Sophrology before an important event

Examination, public speaking, performance research, job interview… There can be many events or appointments that we dread in our lifetime. To approach them with serenity, the sophrologist makes us practice visualizations, and in this way gives us access, in case of panic, of sudden stress, to a soothing mental “refuge”.

Thanks to this learning of easy and discreet exercises, to be carried out at home, at the office, at school, in transport or even in the street, one acquires not only a better capacity of memorization, one improves concentration, and most important for a stressful date, it boosts self-confidence to face any challenge and manage emotions on D-Day.

Sophrology to manage pain, small daily ailments and support serious pathologies

Supporting the disease with sophrology is an excellent way to take care of yourself and to supplement medical treatments. While this gentle method does not in any way dispense with the traditional management of pathologies, it can be very effective for pain management.

Sophrology also helps in the acceptance of the disease and can promote the effectiveness of a treatment, helping the patient from a mental point of view.

It is also a valuable support for self-image during body modification (common difficulty in oncology for example).

Finally, the small daily ailments (stomach ache, period pains, headaches, etc.), can be relieved thanks to adapted sophrology exercises.

In short, in many aspects sophrology is a gentle and effective ally for development both in the body and the mind, and the practice of sophrology can be integrated into many care courses, for more or less serious pathologies.

Tinnitus: sophrology an ally against parasitic noise

Less known as an indication, sophrology can be useful in the management of tinnitus. No wonder when we know that this disorder, which is characterized by parasitic noises heard by the patient, is often associated with stress.

“Often, by dint of perceiving these parasitic noises all day long, the brain can tend to make an obsession with them, the body and the mind tighten up and the perceived sounds become unbearable. A feeling of not getting out of it, of being doomed to live with one’s whole life, social isolation, and in some cases signs of depression have been observed in people who suffer from tinnitus. “, explains Claudine Granger, sophrologist and hypnopractor.

Sophrology can therefore be a real ally for people who suffer from tinnitus, by acting at different levels:

  • By reducing the physical and mental tensions linked to these unwanted noise
  • By giving back the notion of pleasure to the patient, who can experience this pathology very badly on a daily basis
  • Improving the concentration aspect, which plays a major role in the quality of life

Sophrology during pregnancy and childbirth

Sophrology is a gentle method quite suitable during pregnancy. The relaxation work that this tool offers can both be of interest during pregnancy (learning to better manage the symptoms of pregnancy, minor anxieties, sleep disorders, better understanding of childbirth, etc.), but also to l approaching childbirth, the D-Day to gain serenity and after the birth of the baby.

Adapted to all ages, sophrology is also a good way to soothe hyperactive children, to help a child who is angry or who has difficulty falling asleep.

Thanks to Gregory Renaux, sophrologist at network, the network of selected and validated alternative medicine therapists.

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