Sophrology: why we want to try

Between meditation and relaxation, sophrology helps us regain self-confidence, be relaxed or manage minor ailments of everyday life. This psycho-corporal method acts on the body and the mind. Well-being effect guaranteed!

Sophrology is easy

No need to be a great athlete to try sophrology. Thanks to gentle and dynamic relaxation exercises, the body relaxes and relaxes gently. Sophronization movements, guided by the professional’s voice, allow the patient to relive the sensations he is experiencing. “The person will visualize this moment when they were sure of themselves and confident so that they can find this state of mind during their next interview, for example”, explains the sophrologist and founder of the Sophrology Training Institute , Catherine Aliotta.

Muscle control and breathing movements relieve accumulated tension while slowing the heart rate. The objective is therefore to find a positive state by recalling memories to apply this feeling of well-being at any time. Alone or in a group, “we can do sophrology as we would do yoga to get together. with oneself ”. This method can be practiced without any therapeutic purpose.

Sophrology to manage small ailments as well as big ones

Sophrology is not interested in the causes of anxiety, but the solutions to overcome it. Thus, people suffering from multiple sclerosis or suffering from cancer channel their anxiety to lessen the effects of the disease and improve their state of health, “because we know that in some cases stress can worsen their condition. But we must keep in mind that this discipline does not cure ”, underlines Catherine Aliotta. The sophrologist does not replace a doctor, “he cannot intervene in a treatment or prescribe a prescription”. This well-being approach can be useful on a daily basis: to manage irritability, withdrawal after quitting smoking or even overcome a phobia. It can also help a hyperactive child channel their energy and focus. Midwives also use it to calm the pain of expectant mothers during childbirth.

Sophrology: 2 easy and quick exercises to get over period pain

Sophrology is accessible to all

From early childhood to support at the end of life, sophrology is for everyone. The exercises are adapted according to the patient and his request. “This body-minded method is for everyone, since a large part of the work can be done by speaking. People with reduced mobility can practice certain exercises, including visualization or breathing. Catherine Aliotta emphasizes that there is no contraindication.

With sophrology, dresults in a few weeks

According to the specialist, it would take 6 to 12 one-hour sessions for the effects to be beneficial. However, the sessions are only effective if the patient performs their exercises daily: “It’s not binding. At a rate of 3 minutes a day, they can be practiced anywhere and anytime ”.

How much does a sophrology session cost?

Group sessions provide relaxation for a better daily life. It takes 10 to 20 euros per person. The individual sessions, on the other hand, are based on achieving a goal with more specific practical exercises. Private consultations can range from 50 to 60 euros.

If social security does not reimburse appointments with a sophrologist, some mutuals can take care of them.” target=”_blank”>

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