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The throat is a sensitive area par excellence. The mucous membrane is fragile and tonsils are exposed to microbial attack. The pain sometimes passes on its own quite quickly. But beyond 36 hours, especially in the event of fever associated, intense redness, white spots, persistent difficulty in swallowing and swollen glands, it is necessary to consult. The doctor can take a sample in the office to determine the nature of the problem. If it’s bacterial, antibiotics are needed to avoid complications of angina streptococcus, such as phlegmon or longer term joint and heart damage. But if it’s viral, you have to take your pain patiently, mainly by treating the painful sensation. Before, and of course after the diagnosis, natural solutions are of great help and can provide relief on a case by case basis. Advice from Dr Marc Perez, general practitioner, homeopath, phytotherapist and osteopath.

Infusions against the first germs

A cold snap, a cold preparing, laryngitis and the throat begins to tingle, a sign that the microbes are developing, superficially burning the mucous membrane. Now is the time to relieve and fight the first signs of infection.

The right reflex: drink a thyme tea. This plant is known for its antiseptic properties, in particular for ENT disorders. Let steep for 15 minutes, the equivalent of a handful of thyme dried or fresh, in half a liter of water brought to a boil, and enjoy one cup every three hours. Also good: sage infusion because this plant, also disinfectant, is also anti-inflammatory. We drink it hot as a herbal tea and we can even gargle with it, when the preparation has cooled.

Decoction, homemade recipe: Bring half a liter of water to the boil with 1 bay leaf-sauce, thyme, a stick of cinnamon, two cloves. Let cool for a few minutes before straining and serving with a tsp. to c. honey.

Essential oils to soothe the burning sensation

A burning sensation increases and the pharyngite seems to settle down. Often of viral origin, it mainly affects the hypersensitive back of the throat. Count on the power of essential oils, ingested or applied locally, to fight effectively against the disease.

The right reflex: essential oils of tea tree and thyme in ingestion. Take a drop mixed with 1 tsp. to c. of honey, not more than four times a day, and alternating during the day. Locally, you can massage the neck at the level of the throat and lymph nodes with these two essential oils (3 drops of each) mixed with a dose of sweet almond oil.

The right gesture during the day: Breathe every now and then ravintsara essential oil antiviral, by wearing the nose over the vial, and massage the inside of the wrist with a small drop. What to treat the infection well.

Serum and inhalations if the nose is runny

You may feel a discharge in the back of the throat, which can burn and make the general inflammation worse, even if the sinuses are not fully occupied. This time, it is probably a nasopharyngitis. The remedies already presented are welcome, but it is also necessary to treat the airways and the runny nose, which is the source of this pain.

The right reflex: physiological serum in the nose. As a spray, several times a day and trying to make it penetrate as far as possible into the sinuses, before blowing your nose. Sprays, Phytomer type, are also indicated. This limits the flow, therefore the pain in the throat. We also alternate with inhalations with essential oils ofeucalyptus and of tea tree, two or three times a day, using a suitable device, or simply putting the head covered with a cloth over a bowl. Good to know: the steam of a hot thyme tea is also effective.

Easy inhalation: The simple act of breathing hot water vapor decongests and soothes. Possible in all circumstances!

Gargles or poultices to facilitate swallowing

With very swollen tonsils, swallowing becomes a pain. The real tonsillitis is there, whether it is red or white (with white dots). It is then necessary to reduce the inflammation by treating locally internally with gargles and externally on the skin in the neck with poultices.

The right reflex: a poultice with decongestant green clay, added with water to obtain a paste. This should not be too liquid to avoid leaking. You can add three drops ofcalendula essential oil to the preparation, before applying it to the lymph nodes and the upper part of the throat. Cover with a large scarf and wait a good half an hour. An alternative: place lemon slices on the same area, holding them in place with a bandage. Lemon can also be used as a decongestant gargle. In which case it is necessary to add to the warm juice, a drop of essential oil of calendula, and 1 tsp. to c. sweetening honey. To be done four times a day.

A home made gargle: Lukewarm water with salt is also effective. And if you add a pinch of bicarbonate, it is sovereign.

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