SOS hair: what to do if it lacks tone?

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Two explanations for the phenomenon: either your hair is (very) thin and struggle to maintain the volume, either you have roots a little grasses which weigh down the wicks.

To restore vigor to the hair fiber:
– Wash your hair, daily if necessary, using a rebalancing shampoo or volume booster according to their nature.
– Twice a week, apply a mask sanitizing or volumizing in order to cover the hair without weighing it down.

Thanks to Anne Clément, Scientific Director Dr Pierre Ricaud

Quickly draw from our selection the products that will boost your lengths:

Strengthening. Potion de force Botanicals, L’Oreal Paris, 8,90 €.

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Whiplash. Hair Doctor Hair Care, Lush, 9,95 €.

Density and matter. Après-shampooing Bamboo Fiber-Full, OGX, € 9.99 at Monoprix.

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SOS hair: what to do if it becomes thinner?

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