Sound therapy: 3 sounds that heal and soothe the mind

To defeat the ailments of the spirit, some practice yoga or meditation. But did you know that listening to certain sounds is enough to relax? Sound therapy allows plays on sound waves to bring a feeling of well-being. It is considered sound massage. Overview of therapeutic sounds.

Harmonic singing

Harmonic singing is widely used in Asian countries such as India or Tibet. During a yoga class, meditation or just a relaxation session, our voices can help us release the pressure. By pronouncing vowels with a particular tonality, the vocal vibration makes it possible to release therapeutic waves. These stimulate the senses and unblock tensions.

Tibetan bowls

A meditation tool highly prized by Buddhist monks, the Tibetan bowl is used during meditation sessions. One can also practice yoga by listening to the vibrations of the Tibetan bowls. Originally, they were made from seven metals. Each represented a star of the solar system: silver for the moon, copper for Venus, tin in reference to Jupiter, iron for Mars, mercury for the eponymous planet, gold representing the sun and lead, Saturn. Today, they are based on copper or bronze.

Listening to the sound of Tibetan bowls helps to enter into deep meditation. The vibrations would allow the energies to circulate better.

The therapeutic tuning fork

The therapeutic tuning fork is a musical instrument used as a reference note for the musician. For therapeutic purposes, there are actually three according to the intensity of the waves emitted: 128 Hz (Hertz), 64 Hz and 32 Hz. These frequencies confer a feeling of deep relaxation and appeasement in muscle tension, spasms and pain. In what way? They stimulate the nerves and help release points of tension.

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