Sparse eyebrows: restructure your eyes in 5 minutes

Over time, the eyebrows sag along with the eyelids and lose density. The mistakes of the past can also be responsible for this thinner and thinner line (remember the 90s when you epilated below the eyebrow with a rounded effect). Well-structured eyebrows open the eyes, restore intensity and tone the face as a whole.

Reshaping eyebrows: the right tools

To redefine the eyebrow line, choose a pencil in the same color as the base of your hair. Powder should be avoided if you do not know how to apply it. Badly used, it can indeed accentuate a badly drawn arc by adding color without redrawing the shape. In addition, if you pigment the tail of the eyebrow too much, it gives the impression of drooping eyelid. Once the eyebrow has been reshaped and the holes filled with the pencil, the eyebrow pomade brings substance to where there is no more hair.

The right technique to structure your eyebrows

Mentally delimit the three zones to be worked: the first goes from the head of the eyebrow to the iris of the eye, the second from the iris to the arch and finally the third represents the tail of the eyebrow.

Then color the head of the eyebrow, using a pencil, only on the top line. Then, lightly fill the arch for a lifting effect by coloring from below this time. From the iris to the arch of the eyebrow, repigment the holes and where you have often dug too much with the tweezers. Finally, lift the tail of the eyebrow, sketching very lightly again above the brow line. The idea being to have “the light pencil” and to apply it by touch where the eyebrow needs it. Finally, you can add an eyebrow pomade to restore texture where there is no more hair.

Thanks to Florence Temim, founder of Boudoir du Regard.

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