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Spring is the period of renewal, of regeneration. Nature is waking up and bursting with life. In order to fully enjoy it, it is better to get in tune and fill up with vitality as soon as the sunny days arrive. Rediscovering good lifestyle habits, those of our ancestors, is often enough to wring our necks from the fatigue accumulated during the long winter months.

Before attacking your 100% vitality program, start by reducing – or even eliminating – stimulants. Tobacco, coffee and alcohol certainly give an immediate boost, but they wear out in the long run because they increase the heart rate and blood pressure. However, an organism which functions in overdrive tires extremely quickly. To boost your tone, you have to slow down the machine rather than let it run away. So give yourself a few moments of saving break (a relaxing hot bath, an evening of fun with friends, a lunchtime walk, etc.), even when your agenda is overflowing. You will be more efficient afterwards and you will be less overwhelmed by stress. Common sense tips for a dazzling shape.

The 3 pillars of natural vitality

Vitality is a whole. It is based on good physical and mental condition, which involves getting back to basics: quality sleep, healthy food and getting the body back in motion. Stop a sedentary lifestyle!

Regulate your sleep

We need rest to replenish our energy reserves. “During the night, the body saves itself to prepare for the next day: drop in temperature, repair of muscle fibers, etc. explains Professor Damien Léger, director of the Sleep Center at Hôtel-Dieu (Paris). In the event of poor sleep, the optimal conditions for our daily performance are not met“. Going to bed at regular times, avoiding naps of more than half an hour in the afternoon, turning off the computer an hour before going to bed and getting at least seven hours of sleep are therefore essential. priorities to be adopted.

Put some order in your diet

Impossible to show off at your best without a balanced diet. The secret to fit girls? Reduced consumption of meat and sugar. On the other hand, it is necessary to bet on colorful fruits and vegetables, well supplied with vitamins and antioxidants. Brighten up your plate with slices of red pepper – 3 times richer in vitamin C than orange -, broccoli flowers and mango cubes. Wheat germs are also valuable because they are packed with anti-fatigue B vitamins. Also force on magnesium, the tonus mineral. It is found in green vegetables, whole grains and lentils.

To exercise

Physical activity is a great way to increase the restorative effect of sleep“, notes Damien Léger. It transforms nervous fatigue into physical fatigue, which promotes in particular deep sleep, the most regenerative. An American study from the University of Georgia has shown that doing 20 minutes of gym per day decreases by 65% signs of fatigue and increases vitality by 20%.

To have tone, I tested the breathing which gives peps

I often lack spring because I breathe badly, jerky and shallow. To remedy this, I attended a breathing and self-massage workshop at the Carnac thalassotherapy center. One of the objectives is to regain control of one’s breath, to find the original breath, that of our ancestors. In our modern society, inspiration often dominates.

To better mobilize your resources, you have to gain fluidity and lengthen the expiration phase. The idea is not to force the exhale, but to let the air come out naturally through your nose and take a break before filling your lungs again. Gradually, the respiratory cycle lengthens on its own. The body refreshes and is irrigated with vital energy. Since this workshop, I allow myself a minute every hour to breathe like this. In 3 weeks, I regained the punch that I had lost for a long time. Here I am, pumped up to savor spring.

(Carnac Thalasso & Spa Resort. Info at

Bath in light

Take advantage of the lengthening of the day to take daily light baths. This spring ritual allows you to resynchronize your biological clock, which was battered during the winter. An unstoppable trick to increase your vitality quotient.

Grandmother’s recipes to favor

Parsley juice

He gets back on his feet in a week. Parsley indeed contains a lot of iron, essential for the renewal of red blood cells, and vitamin C which facilitates the assimilation of iron. It also improves digestion. Perfect for lightening in the spring.

In practice: wash a bunch of parsley and squeeze it using an extractor. Avoid the centrifuge because the heat denatures vitamin C. One glass per day maximum. In high doses, parsley can induce migraines. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Mare’s milk

This food-medicine, consumed for centuries in Russia for its fortifying virtues, is back in fashion. Ultra rich in enzymes and vitamin C, it invigorates and sharpens the natural defenses. And since it is low in fat and low in casein (the main protein in milk), it is much more digestible than cow’s milk.

In practice: mare’s milk is very fragile, but it is found fresh in some markets. Otherwise, buy it frozen or freeze-dried in an organic store or on the internet ( or

Sprouted seeds

These little nutritional bombs are real natural dopants. “Their nutritive power is greater than that of the seeds from which they come, assures Leslie Kenton, author of L’énergie du cru (Jouvence ed.). The vitamin content is phenomenal. The vitamin B2 content of oats, for example, increases by 1300% during germination “.

In practice: start with lentils, the easiest seeds to germinate. Soak them in lukewarm water for 4 hours, then rinse them and let germinate for two days. Add them to your salads, soups or pan-fried vegetables.

The pulp of aloe vera

Housed in aloe leaves, it is best known today for its skin benefits (soothing and moisturizing). But internally, it constitutes an outstanding anti-fatigue, prized by the traditional Indian pharmacopoeia. Thanks to its many minerals, vitamins and vegetable sugars, “it strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation“, says Bénédicte Bonnet, author of From India, the remedies that heal (Mosaic-Health ed.).

In practice: sachets or bottles of aloe gel are available in health food stores or on the internet ( The right dose: 3 tbsp. tablespoons / day.

Nettle soup

Despite its reputation as a weed, nettle is a valuable plant. Our grandmothers used it to perk up in case of fatigue. And they were right because nettle is particularly rich in iron, silica and B vitamins, useful for increasing its energy capital tenfold.

In practice: you can harvest young nettles in nature or use organic nettle powder ( A nettle soup per day in cure of 3 weeks.

Clay milk

Clay has been used for a very long time to deeply cleanse the body and fill in trace element deficiencies. Mixed with water, it captures everything that passes within its reach, which alleviates the work of the liver, the clogging of which is a source of fatigue.

In practice: mix a teaspoon in the evening. of ultra-ventilated green clay in a glass of water, let stand overnight. The next day, drink the water that floats on an empty stomach. To renew every day for 3 weeks. Wait at least 2 hours before swallowing your medicine.

Fresh pollen

Taken from flowers foraged by bees, it is full of antioxidants and selenium, a mineral that stimulates the thyroid gland and the immune system. A shock remedy to approach spring in great shape.

In practice: opt for fresh frozen pollen, at the rate of one teaspoon. soup / day for a month.

Homemade recipe: the herbal tea that gives energy

– Mix 25 g of fennel seeds and roots, 25 g of peppermint leaves, 25 g of lemon balm leaves and 15 g of valerian root (in herbalist or organic store)

– For a cup, let infuse a teaspoon of this mixture of plants in 250 ml of simmering water for 10 minutes.

– Filter before drinking for an all-day boost without the negative effects of coffee.

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