Sportswear: where does it fit into the wardrobe of an “ordinary fashionista”?

What are the views of the latter expressed when it comes to the correct and reasonable achievement of beauty?

Far from denying the achievements of plastic surgery in the field of “improving” the body shapes of both sexes, and decorative cosmetics – in the ability to hide imperfections in the structure of the face and successful attempts to make the old and wrinkled young and smooth, the beauty industry considered it necessary to openly encourage people to improve naturally.

Namely: giving up bad habits, healthy eating and, of course, physical activity – sports not as passive spectators and fans, but as participants in all kinds of competitions, even if not striving for “Olympic golden heights”.

And if the organizer will certainly add thin slices of grain bread, low-calorie foods, water without gas and sugar to the buffet menu at the presentation of a film, TV series, a new line of cosmetics / perfume, so as not to be considered outdated, then the famous fashion house, in turn, for example , will try to include in the same spring collection a piece of clothing that is somehow related to sports.

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One gets the impression: sneakers were the first. They have won the right to be bundled with both formal trousers and elegant dresses. It’s just that for each such “tandem” you need to choose the right model of sports shoes correctly.

Bombers, too, have long turned from voluminous, brutal, reversible jackets intended for US pilots (and later, ammunition for football hooligans) into light cotton and silk blouses of advanced fashionistas. The usual options are black (khaki) jackets. Companion items: pencil skirt, pants (leather).

Whether it’s a hoodie or a sweatshirt, it will successfully replace traditional knitted sweaters worn under a long coat or jacket. In this case, we are not just talking about diversity: we are dealing with practical, comfortable, “unrepentant” options for basic things.

Sportswear: where does it fit into the wardrobe of an “ordinary fashionista”?
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Sports-style trousers entered the daily wardrobe of women without the slightest effort.

Their features:

  • cut – free;
  • stripes are bright;
  • cuffs are narrowed;
  • wide – combined with tops (volume plus decor);
  • narrow – worn with blouses (emphasize the waist).
Sportswear: where does it fit into the wardrobe of an “ordinary fashionista”?
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It is only worth remembering: the brighter the attitude to the sport of trousers is read, the more feminine, more tender, “defenseless” the top of the outfit is required.

They will help to place the right accents:

  • thin, weightless fabrics;
  • open shoulders;
  • long strands of beads, chokers, bracelets, large earrings (jewelry);
  • lush, raised curls of blond hair.

The status of a must-have for the sporty style of clothing is already recognized by almost all leading fashion designers. Even those who deny its presence in their collections, no, no, and will include in the next show a sweatshirt with a bright print, a bomber jacket with large embroidery, or shoe fragile models in suede sneakers.



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