Start gardening: it’s good for your health

Modern society and the professional environment impose an increasingly artificial and rapid pace of life on us. Gardening means entering into communion with nature, and above all reconnecting with the rhythm of the seasons. It is a real school of patience and slowness and a plus for the immune system. Since the 1950s, “many therapeutic gardens have been offered in American hospitals and retirement homes for patients with autism or Alzheimer’s disease,” notes Dr. Denis Richard, from the central pharmacy of Hôpital Henri. Laborit de Poitiers **. We work on memory, patience and tenacity. In France, a few initiatives have also emerged, such as at the Nancy University Hospital. Ideal for reducing the consumption of drugs. Update on the various benefits of gardening.

It boosts immunity
Raking, planting and weeding are outdoor activities that allow you to enjoy the benefits of the sun. By spending 15 to 25 minutes every day in your garden, you get your fill of vitamin D, essential for the proper functioning of our natural defenses.

He fights against depression
British psychiatrists at the University of Exeter have shown that gardens help to see life in pink. They promote better stress management and lower anxiety. Ideal for letting your ideas germinate and better redefine your life priorities.
The more plants you are surrounded by, the lower the risk of depression. The mind calms down and the feeling of usefulness is reinforced. Touching the earth also has a beneficial effect on the brain, due to contact with soil bacteria. According to English researchers at the University of Bristol, some microorganisms buried in the soil of gardens – Mycobacterium vaccae – stimulate the production of serotonin, a neuro-hormone involved in the regulation of mood and sleep.

It keeps the line
It’s proven: the body mass index (BMI) of home gardeners is lower than that of the population average. A woman who is active in her garden weighs about 5 kilos less than others, according to an American study published in 2011 in the journal Natural England.
In addition, when gardening, all the muscles of the body are called upon repeatedly and smoothly. We develop muscle mass and burn calories: nearly 300 Kcal per hour, or as much as 1/2 hour of jogging at a moderate pace. We also work on their flexibility and balance.

It prevents heart attacks and osteoarthritis
As gardening reduces overweight and curbs stress, its regular practice combats high blood pressure, which almost halves the likelihood of suffering from a myocardial infarction.
By trimming hedges and planting seedlings, you develop muscle strength and stress your joints, which prevents osteoarthritis.

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