Stings: our natural remedies

Bee sting

If bees are not naturally aggressive, they can be induced to sting if their nest is threatened.

• Self-medication solution: Remember to remove the sting if it has remained in the skin. Aspivenom is a tool that can be found in pharmacies. The principle is simple: place the suction cup on the area where the venom is located, and press the pump. The venom will be (in part) sucked by the tube thanks to the suction exerted by the suction cup.

• The gentle solution: our grandmothers applied honey vinegar, or the juice of an onion for relief. In homeopathy, have Apis Mellifica granules with you. Usually the symptoms, swelling and pain, will subside within 1 to 3 days. Be careful not to confuse the irritation due to the sting with allergy to the venom. In case of tachycardia, fever, appearance of pimples or respiratory problems, it is necessary to consult without delay.

The same goes for hornet bites

Jellyfish sting

It stings us thanks to its nematocysts, microscopic stinging cells placed along its filaments. A pain similar to that of a whiplash …

• The gentle solution: The goal is to eliminate the filaments that have remained against the skin (they are the ones that cause the burn). Wash the affected area with seawater (and especially not clear water), or gently rub sand against the burn. As for the popular belief which affirms that it is necessary to urinate on the burn, it is nothing strange: the venom of the jellyfish indeed reacts to the heat, and the urine has an anesthetic effect …

• The aroma solution: Start by rinsing the bite with sea water before applying a few drops of pure aspic lavender essential oil, by tapping. Effective if you renew the application every 10 minutes, 3 to 5 times in a row.

Mosquito bite

His “trunk” is in fact two distinct pipes; one sucks blood, and the other injects an anticoagulant.

• The Soft Solution: Mosquito bites itch, like bed bug bites, because the skin has a mild allergic reaction to the saliva the mosquito injects before biting. Do not scratch the pimple even if it causes a severe itch, but wash the irritated area with soap and water. This will remove the trace of itchy saliva, and help the bite heal without becoming infected. Like that of the live (and most insects), the mosquito has heat-labile venom. The heat dissipates it. Bring a heat source near the sting. You can also apply a compress soaked in white vinegar or massage the pimple with 2 drops of lavender essential oil, disinfectant. Finally, a wet tea bag placed on the bite calms the itching. As well as an aspirin pill crushed in a little water.

• Self-medication solution: Some creams (such as Dapis gel or Baby Apaisyl, for fragile skin) are effective against itching.


Nettle sting

At the end of the leaves are stinging hairs composed of several types of acids, terminated by a silica tip which allows to penetrate the skin of animals which approach them.

• The gentle solution: Apply a compress soaked in vinegar for a few minutes. The vinegar has the effect of relieving pain by changing the pH of the skin. If you have fragile skin, prefer apple cider vinegar, which is less acidic than wine vinegar.

• Self-medication solution: Onctose ointment, a very old remedy, relieves all types of bites (animal or vegetable). It contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

Sea urchin bite

While most sea urchins are not poisonous, their quills can get stuck in the skin, and their fine serrations make them difficult to remove.

• The gentle solution: Clean the wound well before removing the thorn with very fine tweezers or tweezers. It is necessary to pull in the axis to limit the risk of breakage.

• Self-medication solution: The spiciness may be difficult to remove. If so, don’t be persistent. Apply petroleum jelly and lemon juice to the wound; cover with a bandage and try to remove it the next day.


Tick ​​bite

This parasite which feeds on blood can weigh more than 600 times its weight after its “meal”.

• The gentle solution: If a tick is detected, extract it immediately using forceps: be careful, its mandibles being very powerful, the head often remains planted. Try to grab it as close to the skin as possible and pull it out gently but firmly, without twisting. It is not recommended to put alcohol, oil or any other liquid on the tick, it irritates it and causes more intense secretion of saliva.

• The self-medication solution: It is best to protect yourself with an anti-insect product. Tick ​​saliva can be a vector of germs and Lyme disease, which causes severe fatigue. If circular redness appears around the bite, consult your pharmacist.

Sharp bite

This fish sinks completely under the sand and leaves only its spines protruding. The sting is very painful.

• Self-medication solution: No miracle recipe, but you can take an antihistamine to reduce the allergic reaction as well as a painkiller.

• The gentle solution: The venom of the live is thermolabile (it dissipates under the effect of heat), it will suffice to bring a heat source near the bite. Hot water, lighter, or even a cigarette … as long as you don’t burn yourself!



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