Stomach ache, bloating: the gentle solutions to end it

1. Digestion: cultivate your good bacteria

It is no longer a mystery to anyone: our body harbors more bacteria than cells! And it is mainly in our digestive tract that these hosts lodge and proliferate. They line the intestinal wall and thus block the passage of harmful bacteria, fungi or viruses into the bloodstream. This flora – or microbiote – is renewed daily. Providing it with the most favorable breeding ground for its development is therefore vital for us.

Vary your diet

We have several strains of bacteria that each feed on different foods. Also, the more you diversify your diet, the more you enrich your microbiota. Bacteria are also very fond of so-called foods. prebiotics »Because rich in fructans, very specific fibers. These are mainly the artichoke heart, garlic, banana, onion, leek, asparagus, endive, wheat, rye and certain algae (notablyjelly) which contain them. But beware, they also contain fermenting sugars, the famous Fodmaps, which some do not tolerate.

2. Protect your gut with probiotics

Probiotics are bacteria capable of resisting the digestive process to “cling” to the intestinal wall and enrich the microbiota. They are found in fermented foods, such as yogurt, raw sauerkraut, cream cheese, sourdough bread, kefir or in various foods derived from soy (miso, tempeh or tamari).

Think about food supplements

After antibiotic treatment, a infectious diarrhea or a tourista, the microbiota has been partially destroyed. Then use probiotics in the form of food supplements (in pharmacies) to regenerate it. It takes at least 15 to 20 billion bacteria per sachet or tablet to be effective, at a rate of 1 to 2 doses per day for 2 to 3 days. Consult your pharmacist.

3. Stomach pain: the help of homeopathy

Here are some great remedies recommended by Albert-Claude Quemoun, pharmacist, researcher and president of the Scientific Homeopathic Institute.

In the event of reflux: Robinia pseudo-acacia 5 CH, associated with Iris versicolor 5 CH if the burns start in the mouth and spread throughout the digestive system or Capsicum annum 5 CH if the reflux cause a cough.

In case of constipation: Graphites 7 CH if the constipation intervenes on a ground of hypothyroidism; Bryonia alba 7 CH if accompanied by pain improved by rest and pressure; Platinum 5 CH when constipation occurs while traveling.

In case of indigestion: The raw antimonium 5 CH after an excess of table followed by nausea and gastric heaviness. Nux vomica 5 CH after a heavy meal with excess alcohol.

4. Herbal medicine and micronutrition to the rescue

The solutions proposed by Caroline Gayet, dietitian-phytotherapist

In the event of reflux: gel d’aloe vera (2 tbsp. At the end of each meal, for a month).

In case of digestive spasms (especially related to stress) : bud extracts fig tree (15 drops morning and evening).

In case of nausea: essential oil of ginger or lemon, to breathe directly on the bottle or to apply in massage in the hollow of the wrist and on the solar plexus (1 drop).

To know : is your bloating accompanied by belching, abdominal pain, constipation and / or diarrhea? Be careful, you may be suffering from SIBO disease: make an appointment with your doctor!

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