Stomach pain: phyto alternatives

Our medicine cabinet can also go green. Because there are real natural and effective alternatives for relieving acute pain or for long-term treatment. Demonstration with three very concrete cases.

Heartburn: licorice instead of Omeprazole®

Anti-inflammatory specific to the mucous membranes, it facilitates the formation of mucus which protects the walls of the stomach against acidity.

Why replace Omeprazole®? A large study, published in 2015 in the scientific journal Plos One, showed that long-term consumption of certain antacid drugs (PPIs) increased the risk of a heart attack.

Advice from the specialist. The ideal is to combine licorice with lemon balm, to improve mucous membrane secretions. Prolonged use is not recommended in cases of poorly controlled hypertension.

Constipation: dandelion and artichoke instead of Dulcolax®

A somewhat “lazy” liver is often involved in chronic constipation. Dandelion and artichoke give it a boost.

Why replace Dulcolax®? It sometimes causes severe stomach aches and diarrhea.

Advice from the specialist. Take dietary measures first, consuming more cooked fiber, as well as probiotics. The dandelion-artichoke tandem comes next. Fumitory is a complementary plant, because it acts on the parasympathetic nervous system which controls transit.

Mild diarrhea: walnut instead of Imodium®

Walnut leaf extract has an antiseptic and astringent effect. It acts on occasional or chronic diarrhea.

Why replace Imodium®? It does not cause any particular side effects. But when you are already taking several drugs elsewhere, each additional molecule increases the risk of interactions.

Advice from the specialist. In addition to walnut, we can add licorice and turmeric, to soothe and heal the digestive mucosa. Don’t forget the probiotics which restore the intestinal flora.

Thanks to Dr Éric Lorrain, President of the European Plant Substances Institute.

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