Stop list from stylists. 7 things that are no longer relevant and what to replace them with

Many women leave things in their wardrobe that are already out of fashion in the hope that someday they will still be able to wear them. As a last resort, sometimes you can combine a wardrobe with such a thing so that it appears in a favorable light. However, not all things can be done this way. Stylists call the list. The things that are in it can be safely sent forever, as they have lost their relevance.

  1. Low rise jeans

Low seating plays a cruel joke with a woman. All problem areas are immediately visible. They treacherously begin to protrude from the jeans. Even if the girl’s figure is close to ideal, it is necessary to get rid of the low fit. She visually cuts the figure, making the woman shorter.

Replacement – jeans with a high or medium rise. Here you can choose what you like.

  1. Fitted shirts

A few years ago, shirts that fit the figure were in fashion. Today this style of shirts is hopelessly outdated. It is best to choose a model with a straight silhouette. It is both fashionable and practical.

  1. Dresses and skirts with peplum

Basque is hopelessly out of fashion. It was believed that it helps to hide the protruding tummy, but in fact, the tummy does not go anywhere, but becomes even more visible. Therefore, you can safely remove such things from your wardrobe.

  1. Things with rhinestones

To look stylish and elegant, you need to get rid of all the things that have rhinestones. They say that the thing is not very expensive. Moreover, they are already hopelessly outdated. So do not feel sorry for the clothes where they are. If it’s a pity to throw it away, you can wear things with rhinestones in the country or in the village.

  1. Tiered maxi skirts

Floor-length skirts will always be in fashion, but you just need to choose the current models. As for tiered skirts, this is an anti-trend that is unlikely to come back into fashion.

  1. T-shirts with logos

Last year, you could see girls wearing T-shirts with the logo of their favorite brand. Today the logo on the T-shirt has been replaced by bright and colorful T-shirts without logos.

  1. Outdated Jewelry

Nothing spoils the image like jewelry that has long been outdated. In this case, we are talking about jewelry. Therefore, along with the wardrobe, jewelry also needs to be updated from time to time.

You need to keep an eye on fashionable and stylish novelties and include them in your wardrobe to keep up with fashion.


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