Stop smoking with alternative medicine

There is no shortage of solutions to quitting smoking. Patches, e-cigarette, acupuncture, hypnosis help smokers to do without their addiction. Tobacco service info even launched a free app to receive personalized advice and share your progress. But to increase the chances, discover new gentle and natural techniques. In order to find the one that really suits you.

The zen response

Meditate. A study has shown that practicing mindfulness meditation allowed to reduce his smoking by 60%. This technique brings together a set of exercises to be practiced daily, not to cut yourself off from your emotions (the one that encourages us to burn one out, for example), but to accept them. For example, start by stopping what you are doing, sit down, close your eyes, and focus on what is present: your breath. Whenever you let yourself be carried away by your thoughts, refocus on the alternation of your inhales and exhales. It will calm your attention, allow you to accept your urge to smoke – and get over it.

Switch to TCC. Cognitive and behavioral therapy can help you change your behavior, manage your stress other than smoking. This short form of psychotherapy is focused on solving a specific problem (addictions for example, but also phobias) by performing various exercises on one’s behavior and emotions. Bring a professional with you (list on to increase your motivation and to find alternative solutions when you risk breaking down.

S’automasser. When you feel the need for tobacco, massage with strong circular pressures, for three to five minutes a point (you will notice it, it is sensitive to the pressure) located two fingers above the top of the ear, both sides at the same time. This acupuncture point is specific for detoxification.

The phyto remedy

Several plants can be used to fight the urge to smoke or the consequences of quitting. The St. John’s Wort and mucuna will help you overcome any mild depression that may arise. Valerian, an anti-stress plant, will silence the Hulk who awakens in you at the slightest annoyance when you are in the “I fight addiction” phase. And plantain, which can go so far as to change the taste of tobacco, will help you get rid of it. Favor EPS (standardized plant extracts), which are richer in active ingredients: ask your pharmacist for advice.

The little news: kudzu. This root used in Chinese medicine helps fight against tobacco addiction, by moderating feelings of withdrawal, and helping to relax. Dried kudzu root powder is available in capsule form in drugstores and in some organic stores. Take 2 to 4 capsules per day depending on your degree of dependence.

The unusual answer

Luxury puncture. This technique stimulates acupuncture points with a beam of infrared light. Painless, it provides a relaxing effect and intervenes both in the withdrawal phase (physical and psychological dependence) to alleviate smoking compulsions, as in the follow-up phase, to avoid relapses. Bonus: it also helps limit weight gain.

Play Tetris. We know that replacing the act of smoking with another makes it possible to temporarily eliminate the urge. But eating an apple, sucking on a candy, or having a drink instead of pulling on a cigarette only takes a long time (or even for some significant side effects …). There is one addiction that is safe: playing Tetris! British researchers have even shown that the famous brick game distracts attention from compulsion (good news: it also works with Candy Crush).

2 homemade recipes

An aroma recipe against nicotine cravings. Mix in equal quantities of EO of angelica, rosemary verbenone, sandalwood from Caledonia, eucalyptus radiata, cypress from Provence, Roman chamomile and field mint. Place a drop on the inside of the wrist, to breathe as often as necessary, to make the urge disappear.

Oat decoction for weaning. Put two handfuls of organic oats (a plant with calming properties) in 1.5 liters of cold water. Boil the mixture until it reduces to about a liter and filter. Drink as the day goes on. You can also use it as a mother tincture cure.

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