Stress, tobacco, overweight … 10 problems that can be solved with sophrology

According to a BVA survey for the Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie carried out in May 2014, 91% of French people have already heard of sophrology and 12% have already done so, which still represents 6 million people in France.

The sophrology, What is that ? “It is a complementary medicine whose objective is to develop harmony between body and mind,” explains Patrice Iacovella, sophrologist specialized in children in Lyon (69).

Thanks to positive thinking, breathing, muscle relaxation and dynamic relaxation techniques, we manage to act on a multitude of concerns to achieve lasting well-being. “

Sophrology to reduce stress, manage strong emotions, overcome trauma …

The heart of sophrologyis to get to know our body and its reactions in order, in particular, to better manage our emotions. Thus, thanks to sophrology, we can reduce stress, lose weight, reduce sleep disorders, improve concentration, manage anger, live better during pregnancy … It is a “Swiss Army knife” discipline!

“It is important to know that the sophrologist works regularly in collaboration with other specialists in order to propose a solution adapted to each patient,” adds Patrice Iacovella. Thus, to accompany a child, the sophrologist can get in touch with a pediatrician or a speech therapist (for problems related to concentration).

To support an adult, collaboration with a midwife (in the context of pregnancy), an osteopath (in the event of chronic pain) or even a physiotherapist (for “blockages” problems) may be considered. “

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