Striped trousers – win-win models

Striped trousers – win-win models

The striped print seems to have lingered on the world’s catwalks for a long time. And in the new season, he got to the trousers, which began to appear more and more often in women’s wardrobes. But it turns out that such a pattern will not always be universal. Therefore, it is important to figure out how to choose and what to wear with striped trousers in order to remain in a winning outfit in any situation.


It has long been proven that such a print is able to visually stretch growth. This means that striped trousers will easily make a slender, long-legged beauty out of you. But this statement is true only for a vertical pattern.

images of Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

The width of the lines and the style will be equally important. If they have a diagonal direction or differ in width, then their owner may look several kilograms more.

black and white suits

variations of stripes in print

But this does not mean at all that the fashionable thing will have to be abandoned. It is important to decide on the model and understand what to wear with striped women’s trousers? In this case, you will receive a stylish kit.

cheeks celebrities

Images of celebrities

Images from the catwalks

On the world catwalks in the new season, several bright images were noted at once, in which striped trousers play the main role. Fashion designers suggest combining them with a mesh top, asymmetric stripes on blouses, and crop tops.

striped catwalk trousers

Also in the collections of striped trouser suits, options for the summer and autumn-winter period are presented in the photo.

models from the catwalks

In the Chanel collection, they preferred to wear them with a sweatshirt.

trendy striped trousers

Elegant business suits were offered by the Daks brand. They created classic striped trousers, complementing them with shirts or a wool sweater.

Daks images

From the Daks show

from world catwalks

Striped trousers – colors

The choice of the shade of the thing depends on the style, age and personal preferences of the fashionista.

color stripe in pantsuits

If young ladies can afford rainbow striped trousers, then older ladies need to consider options for less catchy tones.

color striped photo sets

Without exception, everyone can choose monochrome women’s trousers with stripes in pale colors, models with stripes and trousers with pinstripes, as in the photo.

beige models


This option is suitable for the background of any palette of shades. Black trousers with white stripes remain in demand. In addition, black lines can be combined with gray, red and any others.

What can I wear with black striped pants? They are suitable for a business-style look. Therefore, other things are selected in the same direction. It can be plain blouses, shirts, tops.

black striped trousers

Black trousers with stripes in bright colors are the choice of bold and confident girls. They are worn with provocative tees, tops or tees. Most often, these kits are found at parties, dates or holiday events.


Blue striped trousers have also found their place in women’s wardrobe. In the warm season, every business girl should choose a cropped model with an unobtrusive blue and white pattern.

blue striped trousers

Such clothes are associated with a nautical style, but will also be relevant in the preparation of everyday or business outfit. Skinny blue striped trousers, high-waisted models and culottes will refresh the look, make the legs look longer and slimmer.


Many designers have opted for the asphalt shade. Gray striped trousers are suitable for fashionistas of all ages. An unobtrusive pinstripe will make even boring clothes look attractive. Therefore, those who want to look stylish and elegant should choose gray striped trousers.

gray striped trousers


The summer breakthrough will be red striped trousers made of cotton and other natural materials. Pants with a white stripe look bright and positive. Stylists are sure that soon they will appear on business ladies and older women.

red striped trousers


Pants with a white stripe are versatile. On a snow-white background, there can be either a black, gray or blue line, or brighter tones. They all look gentle and fresh. What to wear with white striped pants depends on their shade and the chosen style.

white striped trousers

Style features

Choosing women’s striped trousers, you need to focus not only on their shade, but also on the style. In this case, you need to proceed from the type of figure and the preferred style.

color combinations stripes

as part of trouser suits


Culottes are suitable for a summer wardrobe. But only tall girls with slender legs can choose them. And the vertical lines on the pants will make them look even more elegant. The drawing here can be located in different variations: vertically, horizontally, diagonally, combining. It always looks accentuated.

culottes images


Such models will help you create a harmonious look. Depending on the width of the lines, style, length and presence of pockets, they can hide some flaws and emphasize the dignity of the female figure by balancing the proportions.

striped cropped trousers

Cropped pants, as in the photo, stretch the silhouette. The vertical pattern will make your figure slimmer. This option is advised to consider women of short stature and the owners of the “Apple” or “Rectangle” figure.

High waist

Such models allow you to highlight the hip line and waist. They fit perfectly on slender, tall women of fashion. Girls with an Inverted Triangle or Rectangle figure are also advised to look at fashionable high-waisted models. They are able to add a little volume to the lower body by making it proportional.

black pants with white stripes photo

What can I wear with high-waisted striped pants? Ideal are cardigans, tops and sweaters.


All women can afford them. The classic cut is already self-sufficient in itself and helps to harmonize the silhouette, hiding some flaws. They go well with blouses, shirts, cardigans or jackets. High-heeled shoes and original accessories will help add femininity.

business sets with striped pants


Pajama style, skirts and palazzo models – all this has absorbed wide striped trousers. Accentuating the waist and softening the silhouette, they lend a seductive gait.

striped wide leg trousers

Wide striped trousers can become part of a business image, a casual set and will be appropriate for an evening event.

street style images

For full

The most difficult thing for owners of curvaceous forms is to choose clothes. When choosing pants with a linear print, they should be guided by the features of the figure. Stylists advise them straight and broad options. It is important that the item is sized to fit. Otherwise, the geometry of the pattern will be violated.

striped trousers for plump

With side stripe

Previously, stripes were associated with sportswear and military dress uniforms. But today, black trousers with a side stripe can be found in a business outfit or a pajama-style version. Wide lines of a contrasting shade will make the girl’s figure visually slimmer. Vertical drawing and play of tones create a certain optical effect, which is often used to improve proportions. At the same time, stripes are a complex element, so they should not be overused.

pants with stripes photo

What to combine striped pants with

What can I wear with striped pants? Stylists insist on combining them with a shirt, blouse or top. But in different situations, the combinations may differ.

striped pants models

Office option

In a business look, pin-striped trousers with a classic top will be appropriate: blouse, shirt, cardigan.

autumn looks with striped trousers

business images in black and white stripes

pinstripe trouser suits

On a walk

Narrow and wide models are suitable for walking. They are worn with a top or tank top tucked inward.

city ​​striped pants sets


In an informal setting, a linear print on the pants is in harmony with T-shirts and T-shirts with lettering or small patterns.

summer sets with striped pants

striped trousers

Shoe options

When choosing with what to wear striped trousers, special attention should be paid to shoes. If the print is light, then the shoes should be the same. Shoes in nude shades are suitable for cropped or skinny pants. In a business look, boats will be appropriate. And with culottes and wide models, sandals with thick or tractor soles are in harmony.

shoe options for pants

Achieving a stylish look is possible only by correctly combining clothes with shoes and accessories. Pants with a geometric print have been relevant for more than a season and do not seem to be going to give up their positions. Therefore, using the listed tips, feel free to choose them to create fashionable and stylish outfits.


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