Style for women over 40: stylist tips

What should be the wardrobe of a woman over 40? What are the distinctive features of 40+ style? To choose an age or youth wardrobe after forty?

There are usually a lot of questions, because you don’t want to look “grown-up”, it is also not serious to be young. But my opinion is that a 40+ woman’s wardrobe is not much different from a 30+ wardrobe. At this age, a woman is usually already determined with her style and taste. At 45, you can look chic and allow yourself to wear a mini. There is stability and prosperity to afford better quality things. With age, there is awareness in the choice of clothes, less spontaneous purchases, which is a plus for drawing up a rational wardrobe.

There are certain changes that can lead women over forty to panic. This is a slowdown in metabolism and weight gain. The figure changes and problems and misunderstanding of what to wear may arise. When a woman is used to being slim, it is very difficult to accept herself with excess weight, and here it is important to be able to correct flaws and emphasize advantages, and not to wrap her body in shapeless outfits.

10 things for women plus size

  1. V-neck tops or dresses. The neckline will demonstrate a beautiful neckline, because the neckline is often the plus of a curvy figure. If there is a problem with the fullness of the arms, then the dress should have a sleeve.
  2. Long jacket with 7/8 sleeves. It is the open wrist that lightens the silhouette. Sleeves can be tucked up to showcase a thin wrist. Bracelets can also draw attention to a thin wrist.
  3. Wrap dress. It is adjustable and fits well, the cutout on the chest and leg will lengthen the silhouette.
  4. Monochrome images tone on tone. It is not necessary to choose black, colored suits will also make you slim.
  5. Elongated vest. It will stretch the silhouette, it is better to choose a vest in the color of a skirt or trousers.
  6. The vertical stripe visually lengthens the silhouette.
  7. Asymmetry. If you want to divert attention from the lack of body, then we use asymmetry, including a diagonal hem.
  8. Dresses, tops with side stripes. Visually “bite off” part of the silhouette.
  9. Straight semi-fitted skirt made of stiff dragging material.
  10. Accessories. Sautoir creates additional vertical in the image.

The second problem that can overtake a woman after forty and affect her wardrobe may be divorce. The husband leaves for a young rival or does not pay attention to his wife, but wants to receive compliments, to be desired. In such a situation, some women cross the line, start to paint brightly, dress vulgarly.

Style for women over 40: stylist tips

There is no single opinion on what a 40+ woman’s wardrobe should be, look at Hollywood stars, they look chic and dignified. As a stylist, I advise you to do a wardrobe analysis before buying new things.

  1. Get rid of things that are nothing more than historical memory that were bought many years ago. Clothes in an age-related wardrobe should be either modern or basic.
  2. Remove items from your wardrobe that are small. No need to sigh and wait for better times, your best time is now.
  3. It’s not worth talking about clothes that have worn out, it is logical to get rid of them.
  4. The things that you leave should decorate you.

Any wardrobe, including a 40+ wardrobe, should have basic and trendy items.

Style for women after 40

Must-Have Wardrobe 40+

Everyone chooses the wardrobe base for themselves, but in the wardrobe of a stylish woman after forty, it is desirable to have the following things.

  • Loafers… Flat shoes make you look stylish and comfortable. Do not choose footwear in mass markets, they are not the kind of footwear in which it will be comfortable for you to walk.
  • Beautiful tracksuit… This is a weekend thing for an active family vacation, for long walks.
  • Mid-length skirt.
  • Classic blazer or jacket… A 40+ woman most often actively builds her career, this is a stereotype, but such a jacket will fit into the wardrobe of not even a business woman, because it goes well even with a T-shirt.
  • Dark blue jeans no scuffs.
  • The Rescue Dressin which you will feel like a queen. Dress in case a friend calls you and invites you to take a walk.
  • Trousers with darts… The pintucks give freedom of fit. Trousers do not need to be changed if you gain or lose a couple of kilograms.
  • Trench… A trench coat can be youthful and stylish.
  • Light blue striped shirt… It is convenient to mix and stylize, and the strip will stretch the silhouette and slim. The blue shade refreshes and makes you look younger.
  • Coat-robe… Will fit into any style, it is for all times.

From the current trendy things, pay attention to trouser suits, knitted vests.

Fashion style for women

It is important that you have a quality bag in your wardrobe. Status has not been canceled. A big problem can arise with the choice of hats, because youth hats will not always look relevant, and hats and berets can add age. I love the idea with shawls or scarves. The scarf works like a lifting, corrects the contour of the face, if you choose the right color, it will refresh, does not spoil the hairstyle.

Fashion style for women

Many stylists advise choosing basic colors, not playing with prints, I find prints, especially if there are problems with the relief on the hips and back, are acceptable. If it seems that by chance manufacturers focus on colorful outfits, it is no coincidence. But my advice is to go for trendy prints. If the leopard is in fashion, then the dress or blouse will look gorgeous.

Hair and makeup will be an important part of the look. It is the old-fashioned bouffant that will give age. Burnt hair will also not decorate. In makeup, it is important that the mascara does not clump, you can do natural hair and eyelash extensions. The eyelashes we pay attention to are made in the 3d and 7d techniques and it seems that this is the only way that extended eyelashes can look. But you can do classic hair and eyelash extensions. You don’t need an unnatural bouffant, ladies over 60 can shock and experiment, again with a style, as in their youth.

A woman over forty is not a lady, she is a young woman who has the right to afford short shorts and bright T-shirts, because she is desirable and beautiful. Your style is your choice and your rules.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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