StyleHuge shoppers, microcases and “pussies”: 25 bags for every taste

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A bag is an item that is smaller than others dependent on fashion trends. Most people choose convenience – a bulky tote, backpack or blank messenger that can be worn all year round. But even here you can notice your micro-trends. Interestingly, now they are dictated not only by big brands, but also by mono brands focused on accessories. Thanks to By Far, we see textured crocodile-like bags everywhere, Staud makes them fluffy, faux fur or round, and Mansur Gavriel has contributed a lot to bucket bags everywhere. We tell you about the 25 most fashionable bags of this season.

It would seem that bags made of beads, rhinestones and all kinds of beads are an infantile trend, the time for which is summer. Practicality here is question ten: a computer and notebooks such a bag will hardly stand. But, apparently, in order to prolong the summer mood, neo-romantic brands – Simone Rocha and Schrimps – presented new versions of artificial pearls in the new season. And brands such as Rosantica and Vanina have partially built their identity on them. By the way, on the Internet you can easily find information on how to try to make such an accessory yourself.

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Quilted jackets and coats have already become a constant in the fall wardrobe. Now, in stores, you can find a large number of quilted bags – both in the mass market and in the heavy luxury. These bags can be absolutely lightest, for example made of nylon, plus they will protect the contents from rain and snow. If you want something solid, it is better to pay attention to shoppers made of leather or its imitation – like Bottega Veneta.

Cozy textured bags with faux fur and even fleece will soon be seen everywhere. Let’s say right away – many of them can behave unpredictably in wet weather. But they go well with any oversized coat or discreet jacket-shirt. The most hit fluffy bags now come from Stand Studio – they can be bought in a variety of colors. Also, for inspiration and the answer “with what to wear and how to combine”, you can turn to the fall-winter shows of Dries Van Noten, Balmain and Dior.

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It’s hard not to notice how much our understanding of proportions has changed in just five years. What seemed “gigantic” and “hypertrophied” has become commonplace. The same happened with huge bags, which we will not tire of admiring. Their only drawback is the absence of pockets: keys and other small items are easily lost in it. The habit of distributing the contents of the bag into canvas bags or small flat clutches can save the situation. Our favorite option is Arket. Lightweight fabric keeps your shoulder from painful pain, and it’s also rare with a handy lock and pocket inside.

Headphone cases, phone bags, wallet key rings – all bags that fall into the “micro” and “mini” category are still in demand today – despite the fact that the tiny Jacquemus handbag, which caused a stir, was introduced over a year ago. Carrying such bags solo on workdays is difficult – but they can become a great additional accessory or help to your pockets when you only need to take a couple of little things with you.

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