Styles in women’s fashion spring-summer 2020

The style directions of the Spring-Summer 2020 season can be safely described as a struggle for environmental friendliness, a manifestation of individuality, frank and even provocative outfits, unexpected combinations of prints and colors.

1970s style elements

At the peak of popularity in the 70s, it is a mixture of hippie, eclectic, glam rock, unisex, safari, romance, sports, disco and punk styles. Pantsuits, bell-bottoms from the knees, blouses with a bow, fitted shirts, jeans, a business dress below the knee, long tunics complete with trousers, chains, mini-skirts with black tights, high-necked sweaters, long thin scarves, wide blouses, are very popular. knitted cardigan, ponchos, fitted coats with a wide belt, fringes, folk motifs, a-line skirts, a-silhouettes, suede dresses, patchwork techniques, wide sleeves, embroidery, ruffles, folds, jeans with appliqué or embroidery, large prints.

Different directions allow you to combine a range of colors and textures in one look.

Photo above and below – Balmain

Women's fashion spring-summer 2020

1980s style elements

Another, quite an important style is the 80s, they personify the retro direction, the boom in sports, romantic motives, excessive frankness, hip-hop direction, preppy, business woman. Clothing corresponding to this time is wide belts, sequins, plastic, rhinestones, mini skirts, pumps, sneakers, lantern sleeves, banana trousers, bare belly, animal prints, floral patterns, hooded sweatshirts, vinyl leather jackets, blazers, etc. jackets with wide shoulders.

The incommensurable desire to have bright, shiny and even revealing outfits causes immense popularity, both on the catwalk and in life.

Bright fashion spring-summer

Bright fashion spring-summer

It should be noted the style of the 90s, which pursued concern for the environment, altering old fabrics with new ones, the opportunity to breathe new life into already used materials, thereby protecting the planet from harmful pollution. The cleanliness of the planet is at the first level. Thus, the grunge style, asymmetry, plaid shirts, heavy Dr. Martens boots, shorts, massive jewelry, lacing, oversized clothes, denim, are the irreplaceable attributes of this style.

No one could stand aside, even famous stars wanted to try on an aggressive image, combining this with luxury brands. So new styles began to appear, for example, New age, in which the motives of different cultures were mixed within the framework of one costume. Combination of style Minimalism, Rhine and neon, sport chic, these trends have seeped through clothing and embraced the fashion industry, blouses with a pronounced square shoulder line, elongated silhouettes, bright prints on T-shirts, high-rise skirts, cropped tops, loose pants, comfortable shoes, platform , all things have not left the catwalks for a very long time and keep leading positions.

Actual styles in fashion
Prada, Marques Almeida

Actual styles in fashion

Military style

The key accent has become the Military style, which also continues to be relevant on the catwalks, designers are happy to introduce camouflage prints, metal accessories into their everyday look. The military theme can be traced in ordinary sets and demonstrates the manifestation of brutality in combination with light, flowing dresses.

Actual styles in fashion spring-summer 2020
Christian Dior
Rag & Bone

It’s too early to tell, but nevertheless, the 2000s are just entering this season, some elements are already appearing on the catwalks, low-rise jeans, dresses over jeans, flared jeans with fringes, wide belt, corsets, baguette bag, hairpins with butterflies, berets, breeches, baseball caps. Perhaps this trend will strengthen on the catwalks, and perhaps disappear, as is often the case in the fashion industry.

Image stylist Viktoria Sokolyanskaya

Fashion styles 2020

Fashion styles 2020

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