Stylish life hacks. Or how to revive the wardrobe without large investments

A rational approach to the purchase of clothes and accessories is one of the main trends in recent years. Many girls dream of a wardrobe where all things and accessories are ideally combined. Sometimes you want to add some interesting touches to make the image play. Desirable, without wasting money on new purchases. This is easy to do, says stylist Olesya Fedorova. And how – read below….

1. Multilayer. A turtleneck under a dress or shirt, a light jacket under a coat, a sweater under a jacket – this is not the whole list of combinations. You can turn on your imagination or imagination and try to make cool kits yourself. New is the use of a vest in various variations. For example, over a pantsuit or raincoat.

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2. A sweater instead of a scarf. The trend is not new, but many are very fond of. The sweater can be the accent of the whole look. By the way, here you can attach a sweater or jumper that is out of fashion. Nobody will guess about it. Be sure to take on board.

Stylish life hacks 2020

3. Belt. We use it wherever possible this season! The accentuated waist and femininity are again in favor with all fashionistas. From unusual combinations, you can try a wide belt over outerwear. Or two belts. Quite non-standard and stylish.

Belts are inexpensive, so you can have a dozen or more. The belt is the most affordable exotic leather accessory. Bags and shoes made of crocodile and python skin are available to few, but every girl can afford a belt made of these exquisite materials.

Stylish tips for girls
Stylish tips for girls

4. Chains. Another interesting accessory that will easily enhance your “degree of style”. Chains can be not only on the neck, but also on shoes, bags, belts. The advantage of such an accessory is its relatively inexpensive cost. And, of course, the opportunity to show your confidence and brightness through clothing.

Fashion photo tips
Fashion photo tips

5. Scarf. If you think that a scarf can be used only on the neck or head, then you are greatly mistaken. Tie it on a belt or bag – and the stylish set is ready. By the way, many girls have not a single copy in their closet that is idle. It’s an easy way to spice up your minimalist wardrobe.

6. Dress + pants. A very interesting and creative combination. For some reason, many avoid him, fearing to turn into an urban madman. But such images always want to be examined in detail. If you are afraid, start with simple combinations. For example, a dress shirt. She always looks harmonious with trousers.

I hope, thanks to such simple life hacks, your wardrobe will sparkle with new colors.

Author – Olesya Fedorova

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