Stylist’s advice. How, what and with what to wear jeans for a woman after 50 years

Today, jeans are worn by women of all ages. If young girls can choose from a wide variety of whatever they want, then mature women need to think several times before buying jeans. The thing is that jeans can both decorate the image and spoil it completely.

Stylists give some advice for ladies in their 50s on which models are best to choose and what to wear with them.

  1. Landing

First of all, it is on her that you need to pay attention. Few of 50-year-old women can boast of perfect slimness. Therefore, it is better not to choose jeans with a low fit for mature ladies. High seating is what you need. An option 2 centimeters below the waist is also suitable. The tummy will disappear – the figure will become slimmer.

  1. Style
  2. Classic straight jeans without decor will always be appropriate. It remains only to decide on the color.
  3. Do not be afraid of modern models. For example, you can buy boyfriends. They are suitable for any body type. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that boyfriends should sit tightly at the waist, and the hips, on the contrary, should not be tight, lie free.
  4. Do not bypass the flare. He means heel. The legs will immediately appear longer than they really are, and the woman will look taller.
  5. As for the skinny, here the opinion of the stylist is as follows: you can wear it, but only for those ladies whose clothing size is 42-44. Why not show a slim figure?
  6. Decor

A minimum of decor is what a woman should be guided by when choosing jeans. Sequins, embroidery and other decorative elements should be left for young girls. For a mature woman, this is useless.

As for ripped jeans, here is a definite “no”. At this age, it is already indecent to walk in a “flaw”.

  1. Colour

Here you can choose what you like best. It is worth giving preference to noble shades. No need to choose colored options. But you can safely buy white jeans. They, of course, make you look fat, but at the same time they make you look younger.

  1. What to wear

You can combine it with jeans with any top, but you should avoid the sporty style. This is because sports jerseys and sweatshirts will create a casual look, robbing it of elegance. It is preferable to choose cardigans, blouses, shirts and jumpers.

With jeans, a woman in her 50s can create a variety of looks. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be young. It looks funny. Better to stay stylish and elegant at your age.


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