Summer 2020: how do we train?

Not all evil comes to harm. Italians are said to be sedentary but during the lockdown they began to wonder come train at home, thanks to the time available and forced imprisonment.

“If before the pandemic they were moving on average once or twice a week, during the quarantine the frequency reached a two-three times”, dice Alex Frustaci, trainer and owner of Stronger Club in Milan, partner center of Urban Sports Club, the leading application in Europe for access to more than eight thousand fitness centers, which has explored the topic. “They trained preferably on Wednesday around 7 pm: among the most popular disciplines he ranked first lo yoga, also suitable for limited spaces and household items, per second the fitness, followed by the functional training”.

Now, however, after a long time spent indoors, thework out outdoor, also using the different app that allow you to keep fit in a smart way. “The five disciplines in pole position I am meditation, even in 5-minute micro sessions that gradually get longer; vinyasa yoga, with a more sustained pace than the traditional one, excellent for muscle elasticity; the Cross Training, at high intensity; the Gag, ie toning of the legs, abdominals and buttocks that alternates squats, lunges, skip and plank; and the training autogeno, which has its focus on breathing ”, continues the expert. “One figure, however, is very striking technology it becomes increasingly important in this area: almost half in Italy train by downloading one or more applications “.

7 apps to train at home

In other words, if on the one hand athletes can do without heart rate belts or sensors, on the other hand on how to train at home do not give up the app. Almost two thirds of the interviewees, in fact, (59%), confirm that they train in this way. The preferences are quite clear: at the top of the podium are the versions that allow you to track activities and physical progress (37%), followed by the multifunctional YouTube (32%) and those able to create training technical sheets (21%).

“A sign that technology is also fundamental in fitness centers and gyms”, comments the trainer. “More than one in ten Italians uses applications that allow access to different sports centers (14%) and devices also have a large fan club wearable: just think that almost one in four Italians (23%) performs their exercises wearing fitness tracker and a fifth use GPS devices ”.

The workout alone or tele guided, started out of necessity during the lockdown, has become a must that, according to observers, will not end quickly. “The fitness industry was completely revolutionized from recent events ”, adds Frustaci. “People will no longer give up the ability to train wherever they want by combining exercise with work or any other commitment.”

But summer is also the time for activities outdoor, halfway betweenentertainment and sport, which are good for the mood and amuse, stimulate the desire to test oneself and challenge one’s abilities. Right now really like the fell, a kind of tennis of Mexican origin, played on a smaller court and with a lighter and smaller “shovel” than the racket. While in the Romagna Riviera there is a new protagonist: Il teqball, a cross between football and ping pong, which has existed for a couple of years, but this season is experiencing a boom, so much so that even David Beckham he is a fan and posted a photo while he is playing it with his son Romeo.

On the Adriatic beaches almost every bathing establishment has a dedicated table and the first tournaments are organized, without forgetting that the teqball also has a competitive section with lots of world championships. It is played in single or in pairs. The ball is not touched with the hands and it is necessary to bounce it in the opposite half of the table that separates the players. As a couple you can also make gods steps. A game that involves distancing and emphasizes technical skills, but requires much less physical expenditure than a football or five-a-side football match, so it is suitable for every age.


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