Summer looks in a marine style

The nautical style is usually seen more often on sunny summer days, especially on the seaside. It gives the image freshness and youthful enthusiasm. But a woman at any age can afford it. To look spectacular, you need to skillfully combine the main components of the image.

The nautical style considers three colors – blue, white and red, with a striped print dominating. You should not strive only for a horizontal strip, which can increase volume for many of us.

A set with a vertical stripe or separate striped inserts will still emphasize its belonging to the nautical theme, especially if you add any nautical elements to your set: anchors or anchor chains, patches with emblems, gilded buttons or braided cords, colored piping or braid …

Women should not get carried away with such elements in large quantities. They can be added to shoes, bags, bracelets, or hats. A scarf or headscarf with a marine print will brightly and successfully emphasize the marine theme.

If you approach more carefully, then it is better to use two colors in the image, while correctly combining the striped print with plain garments.

Beautiful summer images

For example, blue jeans and a white T-shirt with the image of a yacht or other marine elements will be appropriate not only on the seaside, but also in everyday city life. A set consisting of white trousers and an elegant light tunic with nautical motifs can be an excellent choice.

Summer clothes for a beach holiday in a marine style are pants, tops, T-shirts, blouses, skirts. Dresses look great in the appropriate image.

Navy style dress

As shoes, the best option would be white sneakers or sandals, and in the evening version – bright red high-heeled shoes, although other shoe models are possible. The main thing is the competent distribution of all the objects of the image in the appropriate shades.

Marine style in clothes - fashionable images for the summer

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