Sunglasses: what is that pair that has taken over Instagram and that you will be wearing all summer?

Vintage and resolutely fashion, these glasses will inevitably land on the tip of our nose.

Welcome back to the 90s ! While 2019 had been swamped with cat eye sunglasses, this year rectangular glasses are making their debut in the game. You only have to scroll through our Instagram to see that all the “fashion girls” have doors on their noses. We find them in a total black look (to go incognito) or with ultra colorful borders (so as not to go unnoticed).


Vintage glasses: rectangular frames are everywhere on Instagram!

It must be said that on Instagram, rectangular glasses have been blooming for a few weeks now! Always in the vein vintage accessories that upgrade our outfits, they rise to the top of our essentials for summer. Associated with a bob fisherman style, a pair of oversized hoopsand a patent baguette bag, this pair becomes the centerpiece of our silhouette 100 % nineties !


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