Sunscreens: the top of our favorite novelties for summer 2020

Why wear sunscreen?

The Solar cream is fundamental to protect the skin from UV rays and of their harmful effects. Among them, the skin aging. Indeed, the sun is one of the reasons which causes the faster appearance of wrinkles or signs of aging. This is why some dermatologists even recommend applying sunscreen all year round to the face. Because the sun is not “dangerous” than on vacation or on the beach. From the first rays, consider using a moisturizing or tinted treatment with UV protection index. In addition to protecting the skin from premature aging, sunscreen can help prevent sunburn and sunburn. sun-related skin diseases. But you still have to choose it well.

What sunscreen for my skin?

Before choosing your sunscreen, you have to think about several criteria:

Sunscreen: determine the SPF
The sigle SPF means “Sun Protector Factor”, is “Sun protection factor” in French (FPS). It exists four levels of protection : a very high which corresponds to an SPF 50+, a high (SPF 50 to 30), medium (from 25 to 15) and low (from 6 to 10). How to choose the right SPF? Depending on its skin phototype. For phototypes 1 and 2, i.e. people to the fair or very fair skin with hair light brown, blond or red, a sunscreen with index 50+ and a limitation of the exposure time are recommended. For fair skin that tans well, a treatment SPF 50+ or ​​30 is suitable. Is your skin dark or dark? This is not a reason to ignore the protection: apply SPF 30 to 15.

Sunscreen: choose the right texture
Once the level of protection has been chosen, you have the option of opting for several textures. There are creamy milks, sprays, oils, refreshing mists, two-phase waters or sticks. The key is to choose the one that matches your habits and the part of the body or face you want to protect. So if you want to protect your body with just one hand, the mist is the solution. If you like them richer textures, milks are for you. The oils, as for them, will allow you to have a very prominent satin finish. So which one are you going to choose? Check out our selection!

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