Super Short Haircuts for Women Over 70 | Pixie Haircut

Super Short Haircuts for Women Over 70 | Pixie Haircut
Long to Short Makeover! We take Marilyn’s hair from past her shoulders to a cute, spunky short do. In this video, you will see RaDona cut a super short pixie haircut for women over 70.This is a long to short makeover! We take Marilyn’s hair from past her shoulders to a cute,spunky short haircut. This is a perfect makeover for anyone wanting to go from long hair to short hair.

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Especially if you feel like your hair is “frumpy”. This is a short, fun, messy look.You first start off with sectioning the hair and cut the back pretty sure. She is wanting to have a “RaDona ‘do”. Then you do it to the top. You will pull it down, but not too tight, kind of loosen your grip when you are about to cut it. That way the hair will naturally be cut and lay where it would lay usually. You then start at the top and point cut her hair in the crown area with a 90 degree point cut. Then as you go back, you will angle down and in to get rid of the bulk and stack it more. You will do the same thing again starting at the top. Then you will hold it out to cut. The key to a good hair cut so it styles easily is to cut the hair where it will want to naturally lay. Then by the ear, you are going to hold the hair and ear down and cut behind the ear. Then cut the sides to make it go along the hairline behind the ear. ( blend it out more).This haircut is awesome for being able to show off your face shape. This haircut is super fast and easy to do. It will take you around 5 minutes to do it. This is a wonderful alternative if you want to not have your hair in your face but not needing to do a lot of work to make it still look cute. You will want to make sure you want to cut it tight. For the sides, you are going to cut over her ear on an angle. Then pull it away from the ear so you don’t cut her ear. That way you have the length off. Then you will hold the hair straight out and point cut so you get layers without taking off a ton of length. You will see the layers more on the top and blend it to the side. Then on the side, you will cut down little by little. Like I’ve said before, this is a super short pixie haircut form women over 70. This is perfect for any woman. Especially someone with thin, fine hair. This haircut will make your hair look thicker. If they have a cowlick right by their bangs, you will want to have them dry on their own and then cut. Then after that, you will want to use the clippers to clean off the neck. RaDona then is double checking so that there isn’t any bulk in the back. To really help with this hair cut, you will really want to add a lot of texture. So you will use your texturizing shears almost all over the hair. Then you will double check the texture by seeing if the hair stands up on their own. After adding some products in her hair, she starts to blow dry the hair. The key to this is to rub your fingers back and forth.With this haircut, you need to remember that it will lay flat at first. Then after about 80% of your hair dry, you will use the epic wet brush ( link in bio) back and forth to give it movement.To sum it all up, this is in our category of super short haircuts for women over 70. This one is a pixie haircut. This is perfect for everyone who wants to go from long hair to short or just wants this anyways. It is perfect for people with thin, fine hair. It will make your thin, fine hair look thicker. This will also make you look younger. This is perfect for any woman who wants to look younger and more youthful. Especially over 70.For styling products, RaDona uses her “magic products”. RaDona starts off with using Monat’s root lifter. Then only one squirt of Monat’s moose. ( make sure you only use one squirt since it is super concentrated). Then RaDona put thickening spray to make the hair thicker. After blow drying her hair, she uses Monat’s clay ( the best replacement for Distortion) .

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