Survival kit to keep good skin during confinement

Exfoliation, mask, body oil, hand cream, bath salts … Our selection of the best beauty products to pamper your skin during your forties.

Let’s take advantage of this period of confinement to take care of yourself and your skin! It is not because we are less exposed to the external environment that our skin does not need to be pampered … quite the contrary. This is the opportunity to transform your bathroom into a Spa and boost your beauty routine with effective products with very soft textures and relaxing scents. Here are the beauty essentials to have beautiful skin and treat yourself to a cocooning moment during your forties.

  • A detox face mask : Excess food, toxins that accumulate, lack of oxygen and vitamins … When one is confined, the skin becomes dull and can even make some small imperfections reappear. The face mask is the ideal product for a new skin. It rids impurities, smoothes the skin and restores its radiance. The ingredients to favor? Charcoal, clay or citrus.
  • Hand cream : By dint of washing our hands and using hydroalcolic gel, the skin of our hands is put to the test! To comfort them, you wrap your hands in moisturizing cream made from shea butter, vegetable oils (almond, almond, argan, olive …), or even honey. We take the opportunity to perform anti-stress massage movements in the palm of his hand.
  • A body scrub : Once or twice a week, in the shower or in the bath, it is advisable to exfoliate or exfoliate the skin to eliminate the accumulated dead cells. You can boost this relaxing ritual by choosing textures with or without grains depending on the sensitivity of the skin, to massage the epidermis. Once cleansed, the skin is completely smooth and ready to receive a moisturizer.
  • Bath salt : Guérande salt, Dead Sea salt, Epsom, Himalayan rose … Bath salts are extremely rich in minerals (particularly in magnesium, potassium and calcium) and trace elements. In addition to being relaxing and pleasant, they are widely used in cosmetics for their soothing and detoxifying properties on the skin during the bath.
  • Eye patches : When we work at home, we often tend to stay in front of the screens more often. In addition, the anxiety and anguish linked to this exceptional situation contribute to the aging of the skin in this sensitive area. To remedy this, eye patches or masks are perfect for smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes and refreshing the eyes.
  • A body oil : Sensory product par excellence, body oil is multi-purpose and has many benefits. Besides nourishing, hydrating and softening the skin of the body, face and hair, it can be used as a massage oil. Favor natural vegetable oils made from jojoba, coconut, shea, sweet almond, avocado, macadamia or apricot.
  • A moisturizer : Just because you’re confined inside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hydrate your skin! Every day, it is important to continue to give it its dose of hydration so that it is very soft and plumped. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you opt for a rich and comforting texture. Combination to oily skin should instead bet on gel and light textures.

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