“Swords to plowshares” or how (and why) to find a place for sportswear outside the walls of the hall

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The quarantine has been lifted, two months of frenzied home sports are behind, and finally, you can start framing a cut diamond. The Demix brand had a very energetic ad with the slogan “Sport is where you are” a few years ago. In short: CrossFit has a place anywhere in the world where there is something to lift and where to jump. Actually, the same applies to sportswear: it can be used in almost any image and circumstance.

What for?

First, it’s stylish. Because any contrast is an exit to the next round of stylization, and sports equipment basically contains a contrast with everything else.

Secondly, it will be trivial: convenient.

Thirdly, it is profitable: each of the things begins to work out its value in the amount of not 100, but already 200 percent, covering the needs of different spheres of life and eliminating new expenses.

On this in terms of argumentation, I thought to stop, but somehow, during a discussion of this topic with my coach, “fourthly” surfaced: my athlete complained that the closet was full, and only sportswear was worn. In general, “professional deformation” coupled with “work need”: leaving the house is often associated with a workout wedging in somewhere in the middle of the day or the need to film a workout. So why not, as they say, combine brands?

The following will focus on character, non-conveyor kits, since it is always easier to cut and simplify than in the example with shorts and a white T-shirt to find a source of inspiration for its customization.

1. Emphasized sports things (with characteristic stripes, stripes, logos) are quite suitable for fashion use. Here, not just contrast will help out, but the well-known grotesque: not an ordinary shirt, but – with puffy sleeves, fabrics are polar in nature (about them – below), a bag is more eccentric – with chains / unusual shapes (geometric bodies are especially good: a ball, a pyramid, cylinder) / with print, etc.

2. Leggings / bicycles under trousers with slits. It is with cuts: at the bottom, along the seam, vertical, and not with fringed gauze. The Margiela version of the side slits will also work, but it will hardly be possible to see your “underpants.” Not too relevant for the summer, but it is clear that our equipment can be used throughout the year.

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By the way, leggings that look up to the height of the ankle from under trousers with elastic cuffs are also a great thing. And if these trousers are also leather, you can’t take your eyes off!

3. The same, but under the skirt: with a slit / “apron skirt” / completely transparent (by the way, this also applies to trousers) / a skirt with a fringe (the longer the fringe, the more enchanting – it can start right from the waist).

4.With knitted cardigans; and the more voluminous and textured they are, the better. With bicycles, the most effective is the length to the middle of the thigh or slightly below, – leaving a prominent part of the shorts, – or the full length in the manner of a coat; with leggings – the entire range, except for cropped ones, as it will not be easy to find the right length and geometry of the bottom layer.

But thin and flowing knitwear is like a razor blade: from the zone of eclectic stylization it is easy to dive into the zone “well, I didn’t, I didn’t.”

5.With tweed / velvet / leather

In the first two cases, we slam two birds with one stone: both sportswear, and any – even the most greedy before aging of its owner – a tweed or velvet jacket, we can safely attach it.

With leather – generally a pleasure: it is difficult to find a more grateful material for compatibility. Often, in order to shake up the image, it is advised to take several different textures. I once came to this intuitively and cheerfully stomp under the slogan “leather-on-tweed-under-satin-and-cotton-paired-with-wool-drives.”

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I do not urge you to stand under my banners, but take a closer look at things made of leather (eco-leather): the uniqueness is that it is almost impossible to make a mistake with them in terms of combinatorics.

Of course, you can make a mistake with the skin itself – its quality – or with the model, but now we are talking about something else.

Well, the body was covered, – we lay down further.

1. Socks. With regard to leggings, it’s great to pull them even over the latter. But it is worth remembering that in this case, the socks should have the character of a full-fledged wardrobe item, and not underwear, hence the material, texture, and colors.

My rule: if you show socks, they should have a “breed” And, by the way, it’s easier to work with them. But socks with silly pictures are a real challenge for stylistic skill, and the latter is simply not ready for most of the latter.

2. Decorations

As you, I think, already understood, it is also good for them to be character. At least, if we are talking specifically about the stylish presentation of sports equipment for “civilian purposes”, and not about a run from training to home.

The safest area: voluminous in size, but minimalistic in shape (wide necklace chains and bracelets (both metal and plastic), chokers imitating a stand-up collar (you can construct from an old sweatshirt, and you will have a #fashionniztopore)) or – mono earrings, unusual in character, asymmetric earrings (I just like to wear earrings from different sets – here, by the way, the more holes in the ear, the better), ear cuffs, climber earrings, chains for sunglasses, etc.

As for the rhinestones: if you really want to, then the best is a necklace of successively interlocked pebbles in a frame. This kind of thing is good for clipping the wings of pomp due to a combination with something more brutal and, perhaps, remotely resembling an anchor chain.

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3. Everything else: hats / headbands / belts

The most valuable idea to keep in mind about headwear is that this very headdress is not just a beanie hat. And the further it is from the latter, the better.

So you will enter the enchanting world of panamas, hoods, leather scarves and even sun visors … The key to success is in the material, geometry and / or print: the same leather – “one shot – one kill”; animal (and not only) print – here Ganni has freedom; in the cold – a puffy hood or a downy kerchief.

In general, the less trivial option you choose, the more it will simplify the daily pangs of collecting the image: when it is very lazy / no time / no inspiration and other troubles, one eloquent thing will not let your appearance drown in a swamp of melancholy.

We could have continued, but something inspired: “Dear guests, are you tired of the hosts?” Therefore, we summarize: the key to the success of “sports in life”, however, like any stylistic experiments, consists in the rejection of templates, bold approach, constant visual stimulation of imagination and, thereby, greater self-recognition. Over time – as in sports – everything superfluous will be cut off, and your Galatea will appear to the world.

Author: stylist Marina Varvara

Source : mylitta.ru


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