Take breaks during love, a new way of approaching sex


Occasional gold essential, the sexual break remains underestimated. Very often, when we start to make love, we want to go all the way. What if including one or more intermissions had far more benefits for your sex life than you suspected?

Sexuality is reinventing itself. This is particularly evident in heterosexual relationships in recent years. As the importance of female sexual pleasure equal to male slowly grows in people’s minds, the classic pattern of the sexual act is shattered.

Preliminaries (and more), penetration, then ejaculation: this is how each part of legacy in the air takes place. We caricature (a little), but you get the idea.

Penetration was then questioned as an automatic remedy, during the year intimate moment between a man and a woman. In particular, the fact that penetration and female pleasure do not mix each time.

But there is another thing that is taking hold more and more in people’s minds. What if making love shouldn’t be played out in one act?

Why ask for a break during love?

Thus, the sexual break interferes in our beds. There are more reasons to stop in the middle of a frenzy than you might think.

The most obvious reason is to make the sexual act last . It can be at the request of the man, who feels the ejaculation coming when he does not want it and then offers to slow down gold stop dead.

For Aurelia, it was also an opportunity to rest her body. “I have already asked for breaks because my thighs were starting to tire, for example,” she notes. This is another alternative to the change of position. “It allowed me to recharge my batteries in order to continue better,” she says.

Too much emotion and intensity has already convinced her to ask for a break as well. A mixture of effort and hard-to-manage fun made her want to catch her breath and her wits.

For Morgane, her needs are less physical than psychic. “This has happened to me a few times, but a lot with one-off partners, not necessarily with my lovers on ‘crazy nights’. I love it because you feel like you have sex for a mega long time, and so it was a bit necessary, like a need to rest my body, but also to find myself, to find a little living space, ”she explains. Without forgetting this desire so exciting to “untie the pleasure”.

Whether it is with men for a night or her lovers, other reasons have pushed her to ask for these little breaks. A desire for A change of pace, after lively or even animalistic sex, to return to something softer. “It also happens to me to ask for a break if I have an orgasm and the guy does not, which allows me to regenerate my desire so I do not necessarily want to stop definitively”, she assured.

And sometimes, it’s his partner who takes the initiative, “because he wants to make love for a long time, without being in search of an orgasm” gold “for me, if he feels that I may need it, he suggests it to me “. These moments then arrive rather in the morning when Morgane’s body is still a little anesthetized by her night.

How to ask for a break during sex?

The benefits of the sexual break are there. Only, it is not so easy to stop and interrupt the other.Take a break during the love comes gradually in Morgane. She will drag him quietly to the ear. Sometimes even hesitantly, not in the approach but in the word to use, as it happened once on vacation, not knowing the exact word in Spanish, the only language spoken by her lover of the night.

Discuss this need occasional or regular outside of the sexual act is also possible. This will especially be the case with a regular partner, and this will help to him or her and you, to be more comfortable with the question.

Aurelia, she is more direct. “The first time I remember, I said to my partner ‘pause’,” says Aurelia. A little gross ? It was a cry from the heart, or rather of the body. “There was too much intensity and emotions, I have not had time to ask myself the question of how to ask him”, she says.

The key is to eliminate any discomfort for both partners. “It is important to listen and thus to know his body, and be able to be feel comfortable enough with her partner to say what we need,” said Aurelia. It happened to me not to listen to him, and I kept going even though my body needed a break.” A reflex that she regrets because it has not adhered completely to his own will.

Today she has enough perspective to answer this need : “It is a question of sex education : when you start you feel like it’s happening in the learned rules : foreplay, maybe oral sex, penetration, and the guy enjoys. Then you distance yourself from this scheme and you make your own sex education”.

During a sex break ?

First of all, a sex break does not necessarily mean that you will resume your antics immediately, or not at all.

“When I request a break, I do not know myself how much time I need, if it’s three minutes or three hours,” says Morgane.

There are no rules, and sometimes the sex stops in reality. “Most of the time, it came quite naturally that we do it again after, but it does not shock me when this is not the case,” stresses Aurelia. For her, the renaissance and the rise of the excitement feel, and if we respect one another enough to ask for a break during the love when we need it, then they respect enough to not take that part of legs in the air so that the urge is no longer there.

The occupations are then various. “I drink almost automatically, playing Morgana, and regularly, I’m going to pee”. For longer breaks, “I like the ones where we get a long cuddle soft”.

Relax in silence may also have the benefits of a meditation. Others will talk, of everything, of nothing. Laugh even…because sometimes the sex could be interrupted by a giggle. Because the complicity of the bed, it is the sexual pleasure, it is the respect of the desires of the other, but it is also a whole bunch of other things, look at the smile on her face, the orgasm in the most platonic of truces sexual.


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