Take it off immediately: what outfits of Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus and other stars disappointed us this fall

Despite the fact that this fall most of the social events were held online and we never saw the traditional red carpet, many celebrities still delighted us with bright memorable images. And yet there were some offensive fashion failures. Here are the top celebrities whose looks have disappointed us over the past few months.

Emma Corrin


The main premiere of November was the continuation of the Crown series. In the new season, the viewer was introduced to Princess Diana, played by the young actress Emma Corrin. According to critics, Emma coped with her task brilliantly, but the choice of the image for the virtual premiere of the season was disappointing. Emma opted for a checkered total bow, choosing a dress and tights from the same collection. Thanks to this decision, the image of the actress reminded us of a kaleidoscope: you look – and you see double in your eyes. The costume also visually divided the figure of the actress into three parts. Moreover, ruffles and lantern sleeves on the dress added volume to the upper part, which makes the outfit look disproportionate.

Lady Gaga

Everyone has long been accustomed to the shocking images of 34-year-old Lady Gaga and are eagerly awaiting the appearance of the singer on the red carpet to appreciate her new fantasy images. For the MTV Video Music Awards held in early September, Lady Gaga chose several looks at once, but one of them turned out to be extremely unsuccessful. The singer wore a charcoal tee with a huge MTV logo paired with shorts and stage boots on a giant platform. The cherry on top is a protective mask with metal spikes. All together it looked rather ridiculous: the impression was that we looked into the diva’s dressing room when she was changing clothes and did not have time to take off her concert shoes.

Kylie Jenner

23-year-old Kylie Jenner loves to experiment with looks, but sometimes fashion finds lead the model in the wrong direction. So it happened with this outfit: Kylie wore a translucent dress decorated with crystals. But in combination with a cropped python skin cape, this outfit looked very strange. Jenner supplemented the already accent image with shoes and gloves with rhinestones, a gold bag and completed the image with a massive gold chain. But the main complaints are about the underwear peeking out from under the dress: it looks rather strange.

Bella Hadid

Sometimes even top models make offensive mistakes. So, at the Savagex Fenty show, 24-year-old Bella Hadid appeared in a minimalist image. Bella wore leather pants in combination with a simple white tank top, through which a dark bra showed through. The star image was complemented by transparent shoes, as well as a necklace and bracelet in the form of chain links. Despite the fact that these accessories, as well as leather pants, are considered the trends of the season, in general, the outfit looks rather casual.

Miley Cyrus

To perform on the Graham Norton show, 27-year-old Miley Cyrus chose the most unusual image. In the frame, Miley is captured in a layered dress with a gradient effect from a young brand. A cloud dress with balloon sleeves and a crinoline undoubtedly looks impressive, but in combination with additional elements – bright decorations, a huge bow on the neck and gloves with rhinestones – the image turned out to be pretentious and reminds us of balloons that have already blown off a little, but continue cheer up after a party.

Heidi Klum

Usually it is difficult to find fault with the style of Heidi Klum, but now we have found two whole reasons. One of Heidi’s looks for the new season of the show “Top Model in German” consisted of a fashionable total look – a dress and high boots in the same color scheme. The print on the dress resembles a traditional Gzhel painting, which makes the model look like a doll.

Heidi’s second unsuccessful image is again built on a combination of prints (after all, you should be careful with them!): A coat with a tiger print and a zebra print lining combined with an equally accent dress looks too pretentious, and the cacophony of prints dazzles in the eyes …

Rita Ora

For the virtual MTV European Music Awards, singer Rita Ora chose a pear-colored cloud dress. As a stylish accessory, Rita chose a black headband with a veil. From the outside, Rita’s outfit looks bright and impressive, but if you look closely, you can see that the multi-tiered layers of organza ugly fit the singer’s figure and create additional volume on the sides: because of this, in some frames, extra centimeters appear on Rita’s hips.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks’ outfit, in which the model and singer performed on the ABC show “Dancing with the Stars”, rounds off our selection of unfortunate looks. Despite the fact that the issue was dedicated to Halloween, Tyra’s outfit reminded us of the image of a crow. Hardly whether she wanted to be like her. Although in general the outfit is cool when taken into separate elements.

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