Take it or not: Chanel eyeliner and Dolce & Gabbana blush

Resilience and the right to 300 mistakes is not a slogan for Christopher Nolan’s new action movie, but a promise of remedies that Lena recently tried.

Persistent liquid eyeliner Le Liner, Chanel

Now eyeliners are produced mainly in the form of felt-tip pens, and I have already forgotten how convenient “bubbles with a brush” are. Although once with their help I trained to draw arrows. The line immediately turned out to be bright and without “holes”. No need to drive three times in the same place, which means that the chance to screw up is three times less. Gel liners-washers are also rich, but they are more hassle with them. They should be carefully and evenly drawn onto a brush, and then this brush should be washed.

There is only one unpleasant detail with liquid liners. They dry out for a long time, and during this time they manage to impress themselves on the upper eyelid. It happens that they blur like ink on wet paper: they flow into the micro-folds of the skin.

One feels that Chanel has taken into account both the advantages and disadvantages – they have made an improved version of the liquid eyeliner. Le Liner immediately draws a bright line that does not need to be corrected. It grabs really quickly. And you can see when “not yet” – and when “yes, you can already blink freely.” As it dries, the finish becomes matte (I have a brown shade of 514). If you bring the upper eyelid at the inner corner – from below, on the mucous membrane, no prints remain.

The arrows do not fade, at 23:00 the tail is where it was. Unless, of course, you rub your eyes. I rubbed it purely for the sake of interest. Slightly at first (nothing). Once again (almost nothing). The third time the eyeliner gave up, but with dignity. It didn’t crumble under the eyes, it just came off like a sticker. By the way, micellar wash off without problems. Excellent eyeliner, well, really great.

Price: 2183 RUB in the “Golden Apple”.

Mascara “Wild Volume” Wild Volume Mascara, Stellary

It’s hard to imagine an even weirder mascara than Wild Volume Mascara (perhaps Tom Ford with a spider paw effect), but I love it. In place of the brush she has a silicone stick. Almost naked – with pimples. The effect is difficult to describe, but I will try-) A lot of mascara immediately settles on the eyelashes. They stick together in pairs and form columns. Fatty at the roots and thin at the tips. These columns are well separated from each other.

It turns out a paradox: mascara sticks together eyelashes, but visually separates them. It does not add volume (in the classical sense), but it highlights the eyes. Unusual effect. I think not everyone will appreciate it, but I like it.

If you layer, there will be those same spider legs. Only Stellary washes off easier than Tom Ford. It is somehow removed by hydrophilic oil, and here there is enough micellar.

Wild Volume Mascara does not twist at all, but there is a trick. If you let your eyelashes dry for 3 minutes, and then curl them with your finger, they will take a bend and lock in this position. The trick works with any mascara, just this one is especially important.

Price: 399 RUB in “Magnet Cosmetic”.

Pencil for correcting makeup Make-Up Corrector Pen, Clarins

Previously, they did exactly the same correctors for manicure (probably they still do?). I even remembered what was wrong with them. You touch up the red varnish, and then you can’t wipe off some blue, the applicator is soiled. How many replaceable there are – so many times this thing, it turns out, can be used. I was afraid it would be the same.

Yes and no. Bright lipstick stains the tip a lot. Even if you clean it, remove the pigment on the skin of the wrist, the pencil continues to leave colored streaks. Actually, I see no point in using this lip thing. A perfectly even contour still does not come out with one gesture. It is easier to use a cotton swab or – soryan, eco-natsi – a disposable applicator.

But erasing ink bloopers and an unfortunate tail of the arrow is very convenient, just super. The applicator is not significantly dirty. I think the promised 300 uses will hold up. So I’m in favor.

Price: 1700 RUB on the official site.

Lip liner Sexy Contour Lip Liner, Romanovamakeup

Shade Ice Kiss

Lip pencils are experiencing a renaissance in my opinion. For some time, they were safely forgotten, because modern lipsticks keep the contour so well. Moreover, it makes no sense to choose a liner in color if you can buy a transparent one and close the topic for good. But thanks to the Kardashian family, the emphasized contour is back. Kim at KKW Beauty has a ton of pencils (90’s chic – 90’s glam – the other 90’s). Almost the same for Kylie Kylie Cosmetics. Their favorite makeup artist, Patrick Ta, recently launched his own brand. It doesn’t have mascara and eyeshadow yet, but it already has two kinds of lip liners. Shiseido, Chanel and Clarins are also in the subject. I am not leading to anything specific, just wondering if this trend will go further into the masses or will gradually fade.

I wanted to try the Ice Kiss pencil, because make-up artist Lena Yasenkova sculpts lips with it. What is the point: it recedes from the contour of the upper lip by about 5 millimeters and draws a line along it. At first it looks weird, like a mustache. But then all this is slightly shaded and the effect of baby lips is obtained. The distance between the tip of the nose and the edge of the mouth is visually reduced. The lips are not just plump, but upturned. Consider bullhorn without surgery.

I tried to repeat this with the existing pencils, and, in general, I liked it. But you had to know how it was conceived in the original-)

In general, yes, it turned out better with this pencil than with the others. It imitates natural shadow well, without being too dark. After shading, no “mustache” remains. By the way, Ice Kiss also looks very nice with the nude glitters of the same brand. I have the shades Glamourous and Romantic, the contour went well with both.

Price: 1370 RUB on the official site.

Blush highlighter Solar Glow, Dolce & Gabbana

Shade 2 Peach Blossom

Officially, this is one of the most beautiful palettes in existence. I look and remember the Portuguese azulejos. It’s actually Italian majolica, but I was in Italy so long ago that I forgot the Colosseum. Some kind of ceramic tiles, even more so.

A year ago Dolce & Gabbana completely relaunched the makeup line. The brand became part of the Shiseido Group corporation, but the packaging of the palette says that it was made in Italy, not in Japan. If you open the lid, the first feeling (after delight, of course) is the suspicion that the powders smell like something familiar. Rafaello sweets? If you are sensitive to fragrances, do not just give a whisk, also smell the tester before purchasing.

The texture of the blush is awesome. Semi-creamy, silky. I imagined that I did not have a brush, and applied it with my fingers – it was shaded perfectly. The finish is slightly shining (no glitter, satin). But enlarged pores can accentuate, so be careful with that.

A cultural highlighter: a glare is obtained, as from the rays of the early sun, shining through a curtain. Soft diffused light. Nice and not too bright.

Price: 5270 RUB in “TSUM”.


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