Talking to a teenager in the same clothing language

What clothes did you want to wear at the age of 14? I wanted boys to like me, so I wore mini skirts, transparent tops. And she cut and hemmed the skirts herself, the purchased length did not satisfy. I also wanted to wear what was fashionable there and then. At that time, I had honestly earned pocket money, with which I bought myself a pink T-shirt and a green top with a D&G patent leather applique.

I don’t know if any of the teenagers then understood what these two letters meant? I also had a photo print T-shirt with Leo and Kate from Titanic. I was pleased that I could buy myself fashionable, in my understanding at that time, clothes, and not practical and high-quality clothes with even seams, as my parents had bought me before. Once in the fifth grade I had a bag, like a boy from my class, black, it really served my father for a long time on business trips.

My sister is three years younger than me, and has already got into a subcultural wave, and has brought my mother, far from youth aspirations, to buy grinders. Many tears were poured out, but boots, along with ear pins, camouflage mini appeared in my sister’s wardrobe. She wanted to shock, I wanted to please. Daddy grinned proudly, remembering his hippie youth.

Working with people as a stylist, you understand how important the topic of clothing is for people, in fact, some kind of rags, but it, like a birth trauma, can interfere with a person’s life. When I was writing my thesis, I needed to transform my spouse, we went to the store not to buy the necessary clothes, but to create an image. As a result, he chose for himself a denim jacket with fur, which he wanted as a child, but then they did not buy it. And the brother of a fellow student, when she asked how he wanted to look, replied – “as if I had just left the plane.”

How to buy clothes for a teenager

Men, like little children, want to be like superheroes, or prefer clothes they didn’t buy him when he was little, so that he looks like a tough kid from high school.

Not all teenagers strive to be fashionable, but if your child has taste and vision, give him what he asks for if you can afford it. After all, you can always come to an agreement with a child, say, if you want these clothes, then you will not go to Turkey on vacation, but to see your granny in the suburbs. And he or she may not need rest, he or she wants to please and impress others with his appearance.

How to buy clothes for a teenager

I understand perfectly well that even with my dense build, if I were dressed fashionably and stylishly at the age of sixteen, then I would have fans. I would not suffer for 2 years from unrequited love, I would have a choice. It is difficult for a teenager to form an opinion about himself, to fully assess himself and understand, and clothes can help solve some of the problems, get rid of some of the complexes with which the growing brain is already overflowing.

If your daughter doesn’t want to wear dresses, buy her trendy jeans, a pink Disney T-shirt, cool sneakers, and offer her a manicure. She will be comfortable, but at the same time she will feel both fashionable and beautiful. On the contrary, if she looks too frank, then ask her what purpose she pursues, dressing up this way, perhaps you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about your child. My mother never asked why I dress like that, did not offer alternatives, did not ask me to play mother’s daughter and go to the store together.

Fashion and style for teens

Even a child who, at first glance, does not care what he is wearing, if offered to also go to the store, not with the intention of buying, but playing with clothes, can open up from the other side. He may not know that other clothes suit him, and not the usual T-shirt and sweatpants. You can ask your child what he thinks about what you are wearing. And, perhaps, you will learn a lot about yourself.

You can ask your son or daughter to help you choose an interesting image for you. We are used to not trusting the younger ones, we are used to thinking that we understand everything so much that we do not need help. But this is absolutely not the case. Now that I have become a stylist, a plump little girl from the outskirts in me rejoices from approving and interested looks. But already in my youth they could try to give me what I wanted, if they showed interest in my “rag” requests.

Fashion and style for teens

Why is the trend of stylist-psychologist very popular now, because clothes are our guise that we show. And if a girl’s mom or dad in her youth was inspired, but where do you need this skirt, who do you look like in it, then perhaps they forever killed Merlin Monroe in it. Or if the boy was brought up in a mode of constant economy, collecting him for a car or apartment, whether he will be happy with this car is not a fact, but he will always remember about leaky sneakers.

Clothes are not something that you shouldn’t pay attention to. You need to listen to your child and understand whether it is important for him to look fashionable and modern, whether it is important for him to feel comfortable in clothes, what style of clothes he likes. In due time, I would really like my mother to open a fashion magazine and say, daughter, I think you would be gorgeous in this dress, let’s sew this on Saturday.

Talking to a teenager in the same clothing language

If you don’t understand anything about fashion, then get out on a day off to the city center and see what the teenagers are wearing in the city, take pictures, write down.

Of course, there may be a downside, the child, on the contrary, is overwhelmed with things, dressed up like the latest fashionista, but he does not need this abundance at all, he wants to look modest in a businesslike way. Give him the right to choose if he is able to make a decision, or decide for him, but correctly, based on the analysis of the youth of the world and your city.

You can start, as in an adult wardrobe, in a teenager’s wardrobe by forming a base. You can hardly go wrong when buying a teenager a white T-shirt, gray sneakers with jeans and a bomber jacket. This set of things will suit both a guy and a teenage girl.

It is important to remember that it is the forbidden fruit that is sweet, and if you give a teenager the opportunity to choose the clothes that he likes, then perhaps he will not go into a subcultural protest, he will not cut off his long hair and dye it with peroxide, as I did in fifteen when I was forbidden to cut off a rudimentary bang.

Image stylist Elena Khmelevskaya

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