Tapeworm or tapeworm: symptoms that should alert you and how to get rid of this parasite

Intestinal parasitosis: what is tapeworm or tapeworm?

More commonly called “tapeworm”, the tapeworm (or tænia) is an intestinal parasite which lodges in the digestive tract of the person contaminated by an infested food.

Once installed in the intestine, this parasitic worm develops: flat in shape, it looks like a whitish ribbon that can be several times long. Like this 30-year-old Californian sushi enthusiast, who went to the hospital after recovering a 1.70 m long worm, which came out of his rectum … This was another parasite form, sometimes found in raw fish that has not been properly frozen before consumption.

“The embryo of this worm lodges in the muscles of oxen and pigs, forming a small cyst that humans can swallow with the meat. If it is not cooked enough, the embryo, which remains alive, develops in the digestive tract “, details the Health Insurance website.

How do you know if you have a tapeworm in your stomach?

If the presence of a tapeworm in the intestines can be asymptomatic and remains a generally mild infection, the fact that it “renews” after having expelled “segments or rings”, sometimes for many years, can cause certain symptoms. , which is important to tell your doctor.

  • abdominal pain or cramps
  • diarrhea, more or less acute
  • nausea
  • vomitings
  • appetite disorders (loss of appetite or on the contrary, unexplained hunger)
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • rapid and unexplained weight loss
  • skin rashes
  • abnormal fatigue
  • the presence of whitish “rings” of the worm, in the stool or in the underwear

If you observe a combination of more than one of these symptoms, contact your doctor. He will be able to make a diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe an appropriate treatment or refer you to a specialist for additional examinations.

What treatment for tapeworm?

After a parasitological examination of the stool, the doctor will be able to make a diagnosis and whether or not to confirm the presence of this parasite in your digestive system.

The specialist can then prescribe the patient a treatment based on deworming, an antiparasitic drug that eliminates the infection through the stool, by killing the worm responsible for this intestinal parasitosis.

How to get rid of tapeworm naturally?

As recommended, it is best to turn to a doctor in case of intestinal parasitosis. While this infection is generally mild, and can be treated with an antiparasitic medication, it is not to be taken lightly, especially if the symptoms do not go away after a few days.

Thus, gentle solutions, such as the consumption of garlic or the use of certain essential oils or plants, will not allow you to effectively and completely evacuate this intestinal worm. Therefore, prefer consulting a doctor to these natural methods, which, without suitable treatment, can expose you to the risk of complications.

However, some gentle solutions can be indicated in support, to alleviate the symptoms related to the presence of this tapeworm. Homeopathy, for example, can help relieve headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, or even diarrhea. Herbal teas can also help, but will not “kill” the tapeworm either.

Tapeworm: 5 reflexes to adopt to avoid “catching” this parasite

  • Cook beef or pork well before eating it
  • Avoid (or at least reduce) the consumption of raw beef (such as steak tartare or carpaccio)
  • Make sure to freeze meat or fish several days before consuming these raw foods
  • Wash your hands well before touching food, going into the kitchen or at the table, and after each visit to the toilet
  • Be careful not to consume water or contaminated food, especially when traveling abroad

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