Tattoos: which places on the body hurt the least?

Getting a tattoo is no small feat. Part of the body, pattern, color or in black and white … You have to think of everything to be sure you want keep this drawing for life. To help you in your choice, here is the list of places the least painful.
The first less painful area is the outer calf. Indeed, the sensitivity is lower, which makes tattooing bearable. Then, the thigh: this part of the body where the skin is thick enough to limit the pain. The back of the arm is also recommended if you are afraid of suffering too much, in addition it is a place where many ultra-trendy designs can be tattooed. Last area: the pectoral, which is not very sensitive.

“A tattoo ritual”

But the Parisian tattoo artist Thytoo recalls that pain is a sensation subjective. “Some people are going to have a lot of pain in this or that place while others will hardly feel anything”. He also explains that the tattoo is done in the dermis, the layer of skin under the epidermis. “After ten or fifteen minutes, the body secretes endorphines which will have a numbing effect and will help to endure the pain ”. On the other hand, a very long session, of more than 3 hours, can become very painful again because the body “En a marre”. This is why large tattoos should be done in several sessions.
Thytoo explains that the pain is part of the tattoo. “It is part of a ritual of tattoo because it is something that remains ”. If there is no tattoo without a minimum pain, areas like the inside of the hand, foot and fingers may hurt more because these are places where there are a lot of nerve endings.


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