Tea, our best ally for winter

“A little tea every day, keep the doctor away forever” said our grandmothers. Used for its richness in anti-oxidant, it helps fight stress and boosts the immune system while acting on the oxidation of fats. A healthy food that is good for us, especially in winter.

It helps us fight against fatigue

Little pout or tiredness, whatever, thanks to theine, tea wakes us up. But for a really effective action, Adeline Valerie, naturopath advises to consume mate green tea. Its tree leaves, straight from Latin America, improve cognitive performance. Add a tablespoon of honey, an essential to fight against winter fatigue. A good way to keep your eyes open.

Small cough and severe cold

Who says cold, necessarily says cold of season and transient cough. To prevent and cure them, matcha tea or tea. Rich in theaflavin, the latter acts on the flu and can be taken as a gargle. Sancha tea is also recommended for its anti bacterial action. »The miracle recipe? Matcha green tea with ginger (for its anti-viral action), with lemon (a good antiseptic), all mixed with peppermint “to clear the nose”, a hint of honey and you’re done.

We are recovering from the excesses of the holidays

After the holidays, we will have to digest all these excesses. And for that, we opt for the most popular tea in China: Tuochat tea (or Pu Erh tea). It facilitates digestion, detoxifies the body and stimulates the hepathic metabolism. It also helps decrease the absorption of fat. Oolong tea, on the other hand, consumed after a rich meal, promotes the elimination of fat.

Because in winter, we love to cocoon

Outside, it’s cold, so for those evenings bundled up under his duvet nothing better than tea. The naturopath has a special relaxing recipe: “We take tea for all its virtues, we let a few peels of citrus fruits, such as orange or lemon, infuse. We add a little ginger. ”

To help sleep better

Before going to bed, red tea, “very popular in South Africa” ​​according to the naturopath, improves digestion and burns fat while helping us to sleep. “Plus, it’s a very tasty drink,” says Adeline Valerie.

Tea: when and how?

The specialist advises drinking tea when you wake up to be in shape all day long and at 4 p.m. to avoid bar ups. Diffusion of theine, although it is slower in tea, can interfere with the absorption of iron from food. For people with anemia or pregnant women, it is therefore best to consume tea at least an hour before or after a meal.


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