Tea tree, the tea tree, antibacterial and invigorating

It is an excellent complement in the treatment of ENT diseases. For colds, dilute 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and 2 drops of EO of radiated eucalyptus in a bowl of hot water to inhale. In case of otitis, especially external, a drop of pure EO on cotton wool that you will place in the infected ear.

It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. In diffusion, it would prevent infections by inhibiting the presence in the air of staphylococci.

It treats skin problems. It increases the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines. In case of acne, dilute a few drops of EO in the day cream and apply to the lesions. For cold sores, pour 1 drop in a little vegetable oil and apply on the pimple.

It calms vaginal yeast infections. Its association with true lavender EO, ​​in ova in masterly preparation, gives it antifungal properties.

It relieves burns. After an anticancer radiotherapy session, massage the affected area with a mixture of 2 drops of tea tree EO + 2 drops of asp lavender EO + 80 drops of sweet almond EO. Cleanse thoroughly before the next session.

The anecdote

During World War II, all Australian soldiers had a bottle of tea tree essential oil in their packages to treat possible skin problems.

Research side

A clinical study has shown that the essential oil of Tea Tree was, in the treatment of acne, as effective with fewer side effects than a conventional drug (in this case benzoyl peroxide).

The right recipe: Anti-fatigue massage oil

Mix 1 part of tea tree essential oil (Puressentiel type) in 10 parts of sweet almond oil or marigold oil or wheat germ oil. Then massage along the spine and the soles of the feet with 1/2 teaspoon. of the mixture. Choose an organic essential oil.

Please note: this essential oil should not be ingested under any circumstances. In addition, before use, test a very small area of ​​skin to make sure you are not allergic. Diluted in a vegetable oil, it can be used in children from 3 years old, but it is prohibited in pregnant women.

Thanks to Doctor Jean-Michel Morel

Sources: Medicinal plants, ed Grund

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