The latest trend for sun-kissed lengths with natural and bright hair lightening is called “Teasylights”. A hybrid between balayage and the classic lightening method, the “teasylighting“plans to backcomb your hair before applying the bleach.

Hair lightening, all the techniques to try

“With an effect similar to the scanning, i teasylights allow you to create a subtle, nuanced highlight from the root, ”explained a Refinery29 Sabrina Yamani Yamga, colorist at Alex Brown’s SPACE Studio in Chicago. “Instead of freehand bleaching, the colourist uses maps and before applying the product, comb and tease small sections of hair, this spreads the mixture between the lighter tone and the base “.

Just like the traditional balayage, also teasylights are hair lightenings that require little maintenance. They are perfect for summer, transitional seasons and reduce the number of appointments with the hairdresser.

Colorist Samantha Harman⁣ describes i teasylights as “multidimensional”. Lighter blonde locks sparkle off the contrasting base tone. Since for i teasylights silver papers are used for intensify the color in certain points, they can give brighter results than just balayage.

The gloss, which is applied as a last step, adds extra shine and also works as a color maintenance treatment between bleaches.



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