Teenage girl doing incredible hair. This cannot be repeated!

Milena is a 17-year-old resident of Germany and the owner of the popular Instagram accounthairdylist. dream. On her page, the girl posts photos of incredible hairstyles that she creates with her own hands. Milena has no professional education, she has mastered all the techniques herself, watching master classes on Youtube.

Milena became interested in an interesting hobby that gradually turned into a profession when she was six years old. Of course, then her creations were less sophisticated. Over the years, the girl has achieved great skill and now easily weaves macrame hair on her head and builds complex structures of braids.

“I always liked to do weaving – for example, bracelets,” the girl said in an interview with the portal Bored Panda. – When I turned ten, I began to use these skills in creating complex hairstyles.” According to the stylist, when she ran out of ideas, she began to try to combine several types of braids in one hairstyle.

Answering the question about what she likes most about her work, Milena mentioned unlimited opportunities for creativity, expression of feelings and inspiration. Creating their amazing hairstyles, the girl relaxes and seems to dissolve in the process, forgetting about current problems. The only difficulty in her business is time management. According to Milena, she can easily lose track of time when she is immersed in her work.

Milena’s instagram page is very popular-today it has more than 45 thousand subscribers. Users leave a lot of positive comments on posts with her new works, calling the hairstyles “unique” and “special”. Such attention is pleasant to a girl. According to her, when she tells people that she is engaged in creating hairstyles, they do not immediately understand what she is talking about, but when they see the photos – they are speechless. And this only encourages her interest in the work.


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