Tell the hairdresser! 5 types of stains that age you


Black has over a hundred shades and looks good enough if it’s your natural color. But you need to understand that artificial black is not at all the same as natural. We argue: if I have black hair and gray hair appears, I will take black paint with the inscription “black”. Big mistake! Before dyeing your hair (if you do it yourself), go to the window, under daylight and take a good look at a couple of hairs separately, collecting them in strands and then evaluate the overall picture. Do you notice? Black hair also has a subtone – it can be reddish, shimmery with chestnut or chocolate color. This means that bluish black is not your option. You will lose the beautiful overflow and highlights, you will get a very dark black, known for its ability to add 10 years even to an 18-year-old girl.

Decision: the best thing, of course, is to have a good stylist in the salon. But if that’s not an option, take two paints from the same brand: one black and the other to match your sub-tone. This will give you a more natural shade and avoid too black a tone.

Shampoo for blonde hair Blonde.Angel.Wash, Kevin.Murphy, 2430 RUB

Shampoo for blonde hair Blonde.Angel.Wash, Kevin. Murphy, 2430 rub


Cameron Diaz

It would seem that this thread should have remained on posters from the 2000s for a long time. But he still meets on the street and makes the hearts of hair stylists shrink. Remember how we did the highlights at home? It’s simple: you put a bag on your head, make holes on it, through which strands are pulled out at random and painted in a reddish shade. The result: a chaos of crisp blonde strands along the entire length. Yes, then it was even fashionable. But we did not understand the effect to be achieved. In theory, these should be strands burnt out in the sun, and not light hair. Highlighting looks very cheap, hides the volume and makes the whole image rather boring and outdated. Forget it if you want to look young and fresh.

Decision: now contouring and glare have come to replace highlighting. This is a technique that only a professional can do perfectly. But it’s worth it! Correctly selected strands of the face, refresh its color and add volume to the hair. There is even a special technique called “babylights”, which exactly repeats the shade of sun-bleached hair that we had in childhood.

For a younger look, choose natural hair tones. The most correct guideline is your natural hair color.

Fiery shades

Jessica Chaysten

Jessica Chaysten

Yes, red is all the rage right now, but fiery shades can play a trick on you if you choose the wrong tone. Auburn is basically a capricious color and after 45 looks good only on owners of porcelain skin. By dyeing your hair yourself, it is easy to get a dirty shade that will be something between burgundy and red, but not a noble red. This color does not suit anyone: in the case of fair skin, it makes it painfully pale, and it turns a dark face into a formidable and gloomy one. In both cases, the unflattering accent will be on the face and even on subtle wrinkles. And if you have gray hair, then the redhead will treacherously highlight them, making them yellowish against the background of the remaining strands.

Decision: Talk to your hairdresser about which shade of red will beautifully set off your skin color (red has over 50 shades!). If you have dark hair, you will most likely have to lighten it to get a color that looks expensive at the entrance. If you have naturally blonde hair, you may need to pre-tint the strands so that the redhead takes on evenly.

Conditioner for color care

Conditioner for color care “Kaleidoscope”, R + Co, 2340 rubles


Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci

Once this color was in favor with all women. Everyone was painted in a purple shade: from the youngest girls to women of venerable age. But trends, fortunately, do not stay with us for long. And if in a shop with cosmetics your hand out of habit reached for the tube marked “eggplant”, stop! He is able to add gloom and a couple of years of age for the hour while the application hidden under the cellophane cap dyes your hair. Purple looks especially ridiculous on gray hair, as if deliberately emphasizing gray hair with a lilac fog. Dark hair produces an earthy shade that looks very cheap.

Avoid solid colors. They look boring and unnatural. An expensive color always shimmers with different shades and highlights.

Decision: even if you have a fondness for purple hues, it’s best not to give him the lead. After 45, bright shades are very cheap when they perform solo and add polish when they go into the undertones. Choose chestnut with a slight purple tint or a dark shade with a lilac tint. For the first time, it is better to dye your hair in the salon so that a suitable tone is chosen for you, after that you will already understand how to proceed and what to mix. Well, at least roughly.


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Have you seen what happens when women try to bleach their hair on their own? Hydrogen peroxide and perhydrol are used. The result is orange strands of an unnatural color. It’s not so scary when the burnt redhead is an intermediate stage in the transition to blond. And just pain if this is the final color. If you want to look fresh and youthful, focus on hair shades that actually exist in nature. Orange hair can look stylish on teens, and for an older woman it adds age and painful yellowish skin tone.

Decision: no, we do not call to forget about the red color. Especially if this is your natural hair color. But the redhead is the redhead. Look at natural red heaps: they shimmer in red, then wheat, then in a soft white tone. And sometimes all these tones at the same time. Bet on vibrant color! Solid colors look boring and sad, like you are wearing a wig. Experimenting with color mixing is not a good idea, it can be too expensive for your hair. It is better to entrust this matter to a professional who will find exactly your redhead.


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