Testimonial: “I am hyperfertile and it has poisoned my life”

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Aurélie suffers from hyperfertility. A taboo subject often misjudged, she wanted to explain her story and her constant fear of getting pregnant.

Infertility is a well-known pathology and regularly publicized by stars who suffer from it. A true social phenomenon, we very often see infertile parents sharing their story in the media and the path they have taken (often strewn with pitfalls) to conceive a child.

But infertility is not the only problem that can cripple the life of a woman, a man or even a couple. Certainly less known, hyperfertility also affects many women who often do not dare to speak about it for fear of being judged by society which is sometimes very conservative with regard to birth rates. Aurélie wanted to share her experience with us and bring out of the shadows this daily suffering.

The young thirty-something lives in the almost constant anguish of getting pregnant. And for good reason, she suffers from hyperfertility. From the age of 20 to 30, she fell pregnant no less than seven times.

Aurélie talks to us about her hyperfertility

After having had a desired first child and lived a pregnancy without pitfalls, the young mother resumes traditional contraception. Her gynecologist prescribed the pill for her, since it suited her very well before her pregnancy. But very quickly, Aurélie becomes pregnant. A pregnancy that comes far too quickly for the very young mother, who did not feel like taking on two small children. “I thought about the situation a lot, but quite honestly I couldn’t see how I could handle two babies. My companion was working pretty complicated schedules at the time, and the thought of managing everything at once alone terrified me. So I chose to have an abortion ”, explains the young woman.

The gynecologist speaks of “bad luck” and tells him to take his pill again. But a few months later, Aurélie fell pregnant again on the pill. Very quickly, she lost the child: “In one year, I gave birth, I got pregnant twice, I had an abortion and then lost a baby. I must admit that it was a lot ”. A year later, a third pregnancy occurs, and it is then that Aurélie begins to wonder about her fertility, since she had fallen pregnant twice while taking her pill quite regularly. But this questioning has not been taken into account by the medical profession. She decides to keep the baby, and then becomes a mother for the second time, to her greatest happiness.

The pill’s fault?

The doctors are clear: the pill does not suit him. Her gynecologist then offers her to have an IUD inserted, which Aurélie accepts. “Quite frankly, my only goal back then was to find contraception that worked. I couldn’t take this constant fear of getting pregnant. I didn’t even dare to have a relationship with my children’s dad anymore, for fear of a potential pregnancy ”.

While the IUD seemed to prove its worth, Aurélie discovers that she is pregnant again. She couldn’t take it any longer and decided, again, to perform an abortion for this unwanted pregnancy, coupled with the placement of a contraceptive implant. But Aurélie’s ordeal is not over, since she will have two miscarriages in two years, even though she did not know she was pregnant, and will fall pregnant again a few months later. A pregnancy that she will decide with her husband to carry to term.

3 children, 3 miscarriages and 2 abortions before age 30

While she is barely 30 years old, Aurélie has experienced three full term pregnancies, three miscarriages and two abortions. A deep anxiety sets in with the mother, who lives in fear of becoming pregnant again. “It’s like my body isn’t mine, like I can’t control it. And all these twists and turns worried me as much as they tired me. To live in rise and fall of pregnancy hormones almost permanently, to experience miscarriages, to assume abortions… I could literally take it no longer ”, shares the young woman. She will finally make the decision to have her tubes tied, after having had to fight with her gynecologist.

Hyperfertility, a taboo subject

Since then, Aurélie has not become pregnant again, but does not come out of these experiences unscathed. “When I talk about my hyperfertility and the pain it may have caused, people – and even doctors – clearly don’t take me seriously. I am often told ‘yes but at least you can have children, you should measure your luck’. So of course, I love my kids and feel lucky to have them, but it was never my life plan to get pregnant seven times. I feel it as a deep injustice, I am misunderstood by people, and not recognized in my suffering of her unwanted pregnancies repeatedly ”.

If this kind of testimonies are not legion, Aurélie is however far from being the only woman to live it. Currently, medicine has not yet proven the concrete existence of hyperfertility. On the Internet, some women like Aurélie gradually dare to share their experience on this subject.

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