Thalasso or spa treatment, a real boost of energy!


Here, we exploit the benefits of water and sea air, but also mud, sands and algae. Rather preventive than curative, thalassotherapy is not reimbursed by Social Security. You will still come across a doctor – who will assess your needs and verify that there are no contraindications to your stay – but also hydrotherapists (who provide care), physiotherapists (massage, rehabilitation, etc.) and a dietitian. “Going to a spa often means trying to ‘stay beautiful’, maintain your body capital, or even hope not to age. It is also to feel, to reactivate its liveliness thanks to the jets, the immersions, the coatings, underlines Bernard Andrieu (Stay beautiful, ed. the whisper), philosopher and professor at Paris-Descartes University. And experience new emotions with a different diet or even casino games. It is a parenthesis in his life, during which we recreate a friendly mini-society with other rituals: treatments, meals, evenings between spa guests. This is also why we go back: it creates a kind of social addiction. “

For who ? For all ! Those who suffer from rheumatism, sleep problems or stress, those who need a balanced diet or who want to quit smoking …

The thermal cure

Crenotherapy is not magic. “It does not cure chronic illness. On the other hand, it helps the patient to live with it, insists Dr. Christian-François Roques, president of the scientific council of the French Association for thermal research (Afreth). For 97% of curists, the pain improved for at least six months. “An effect that applies to eighteen-day cures which, suddenly, are the only ones to benefit from reimbursement by Social Security when a doctor prescribes them. On the program, hydrothermal treatments (about two hours a day, often in the morning), “rehabilitation” workshops (doctors, physiotherapists, nurses but also dieticians and sports education managers) and lots of rest. All of this over a period of time sufficient for body and mind to take on other habits. “This time can be an opportunity for self-reflection for increased pleasure in life,” notes sociologist Michel Billé. We are going to discover a new relationship with the world, the delights of the toilet, the water, the scent of the oils, the food (“Yes, zucchini à la plancha, it’s good!”). We reveal ourselves to be different from what we knew to be, from what we thought we were! Isabelle, for example, would not trade her stay for a “real” vacation. “Here, I am taken care of from A to Z. The restaurant offers us adapted and often delicious menus. No cooking, no shopping or cleaning to do. That too has its importance in relieving my pain. Sylvie had her first treatment ten years ago. “I was only 46 years old, I went there reluctantly. And then, the break with everyday life, the fact that I am taken care of every day, the jets, the massages in a rain of water, the family side of the small resort, the meetings … After these three weeks, I felt like something inside me had awakened and it was stronger than the pain. “The second year, Sylvie feels benefits from the second day,” as if my body remembered and found a certain capacity for self-healing “. Since then, I know that every year, for a month, I will no longer feel my pain, I will be lighter. And I find curists with pleasure. For the older ones, it is also a moment of exchange and of breaking away from solitude. “

For who ? People suffering from chronic rheumatological diseases (osteoarthritis, low back pain, fibromyalgia, etc.), vascular, neurological, visceral or even ENT or dermatological disorders.

Relieve your joints with a spa treatment

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