Thalasso: the best gentle cures 2019

By trying to control everything, we waste our energy and lose our serenity. With the result of developing all kinds of diseases. Realizing this is a first step towards healing. And even if it is hard to imagine it, letting go can be learned and cultivated. And this aspiration concerns 82% of French people *.

Thalasso centers today offer a wide range of treatments, from the most classic (whirlpools, jet showers) to the most unexpected (intuitive eating, Abhyanga), to meet all needs. From January 24 to 27 at the Carrousel du Louvre, then from February 8 to 10 in Lyon, the thermal spa fair offers a complete overview of the trends in thalassotherapy for 2019.

>> Our selection of best gentle and relaxing treatments offered in thalassotherapy centers.

Thalasso, hydrotherapy: the best cures to relieve stomach aches

Thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy: the best cures to find a good sleep

Thalasso and hydrotherapy: the best cures to combat stress


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