The 15 first signs of pregnancy that you will recognize right away

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Do you feel like your body is changing and you might be expecting a baby? To find out, you will have to take a pregnancy test. Until then, read these 15 Symptoms Frequently Shared by Pregnant Women. Do they sound familiar to you?

“What if I was pregnant?”: No reliable answer without a blood test, but some early signs can put you on the trail of pregnancy. Perform a quick test here to refine the result, while waiting to see your GP.

The first 15 signs

Here are the first signs of pregnancy that should spark your ears, as well as testimonials from moms who tell us how they found out they were pregnant.

1. Painful breasts

Did it hurt to put on your bra? The feeling of having a heavy chest, darker areolas and veins on the breasts more visible than usual are the first signs of pregnancy. Indeed, from the first months, your breast is preparing for breastfeeding: the mammary glands intended to manufacture milk develop, while the milk ducts multiply.

Lauranne tells us: “When we have a desire for a child, the slightest sign is enough to make us believe that ‘it is the right one’. I, like many moms, thought several times that I was pregnant when I was not. But the time the test turned out positive, come to think of it, the signs were pretty definite. Among them, the impression of having a rounder, fuller chest… Nothing really unpleasant, but all the same: a kind of tightness and irradiation felt during a jog I was doing with a friend. That time, I remember telling her: ‘It’s really time I bought a sports bra!’. Visually too, I had told myself about ten days earlier that my breasts had swelled slightly. I was on vacation in the sun, I associated that with the fact that my swimsuit had perhaps become a bit too small… ”

2. Fatigue

You haven’t finished the page of your novel that you fell asleep, book open? If you suddenly feel exhausted, it could be a response to the increased hormones in your body. In fact, for many women, fatigue lasts for the entire first trimester.

Gaëtane tells us: “A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant, I started to feel very tired. I remember that as soon as I tried to watch a series, I fell asleep after five minutes. One day, I went to rest for a while on my parents’ sofa because I was feeling slack. Result? I slept soundly all afternoon! This incident marked me: I’m not the type to take naps or sleep during the day, it was totally unusual. I told myself that it was probably my new job that was tiring me, that I had trouble keeping pace. But with hindsight, I realized that I was not at all stressed at that time at work, the weather was fine and I was coming back from vacation… Nothing explained this fatigue. I was absolutely unaware that I was pregnant, so I didn’t really attribute this state of exhaustion to a possible pregnancy. But afterwards, I realized that it was probably linked ”.

3. Nausea

Most pregnant women start to feel nauseous from the 6th week of pregnancy. But some expectant mothers may experience morning sickness earlier (which unfortunately can occur morning, noon and night). The nausea will subside when you enter the second trimester. In the meantime, try to eat foods that will help regulate your digestive system. As such, ginger is your best ally, whether in infusion, powder or eaten as such (or in a cookie preparation for example, yum!).

Élodie tells us: “I realized I was pregnant when I started feeling nauseous when I woke up. My stomach was very heavy, as if I had badly digested the meal the day before. I was disgusted at the mere sight of food, whether it was opening the fridge or watching TV. Even the foods I usually love! I didn’t want anything anymore. I did not digest some things like meat or cheese… I was 8 weeks pregnant when I started to feel nauseous and it lasted about 3 weeks ”.

4. Frequent need to urinate

If you suddenly find yourself unable to sleep through the night without a trip to the bathroom, this could be one of the first signs of pregnancy. This frequent urge to urinate is caused by chorionic gonadotropic hormone (HCG), which has many roles during your pregnancy. During the first trimester, its action stimulates the circulation of blood to the pelvic region, which causes hypersensitivity in your bladder. Result: you often need to pee!

5. Headaches

Headache (and congested sinuses) can be a sign of a possible pregnancy. It is linked to hormonal changes. Be careful if you are treating your migraine: pregnant, you cannot take any medication… Paracetamol is the painkiller recommended by doctors. Ibuprofen is contraindicated.

6. Back pain

Usually you don’t have back pain, but here your lower back is tight… It may mean that your ligaments are slackening due to pregnancy. Unfortunately, if you are pregnant, this pain may persist throughout gestation. In question? Weight gain and shifting of your center of gravity.

Victoria tells us: “With my partner, we wanted to start a second pregnancy, but there was no hurry: I took it cool, saying to myself ‘It will happen when it happens’. In the end, it took a month for great pain to lodge in my back. I told myself that it was unlikely that a second pregnancy would start so quickly, and put the blame on my period which arrived (it is well known: many women suffer from back pain before being regulated…). But after a few days of waiting and non-existent periods, I took a pregnancy test which turned out positive ”.

7. Stomach cramps

Is it pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome? Hard to say … But if you have cramps in your lower abdomen, your uterus may stretch to prepare for the baby’s progress.

8. Food cravings or aversions

Suddenly, you have a desire for citrus fruits, sugar, juice, sparkling water… Or on the contrary, do you feel that certain foods make you sick? If you notice any food cravings or worries that weren’t there before, your body might be trying to tell you that you are pregnant. Warning: certain foods are prohibited during pregnancy! So pay attention to your diet and your desires …

9. Constipation and bloating

Last week, you easily fit into those darling jeans. And today, impossible to slip in? You may be bloated, one of the first signs of pregnancy! If you are feeling a little bloated or constipated, it may be due to a surge in progesterone, which is slowing down your digestive system.

10. Mood changes

Your companion has not put his socks in the laundry basket and that annoys you? Are you moody, irritable? This may be a sign that your hormones are playing tricks on you and of pregnancy fatigue. Don’t panic: the roller coaster emotions pass after a few weeks of pregnancy. You can reassure your other half!

11. High body temperature

Did you know? During ovulation, your body temperature rises until you have your period. It then falls. But if you don’t have your period and are pregnant, your body temperature will stay at a minimum of 37 degrees (or even higher). If your temperature stays around for two weeks after ovulation, it’s a sign of pregnancy.

12. A highly developed sense of smell

If you’re repelled by certain smells or have a high sensitivity to smells (for example, you spot smokers 50 meters away), this may be one of your first signs of pregnancy. In fact, when you are pregnant, your hormone levels in the blood increase and dilate the blood vessels, including those in the nose, which is then better able to absorb odors.

Alison tells us: “I was in the analysis of the slightest symptom because with my man, we had been trying for a while to have a baby. So I took stock of my body and my potential symptoms every day. My sense of smell is however what immediately alerted me: the smell of cigarettes prevented me from staying in the same room as a smoker, my morning coffee disgusted me with its pronounced smell, whereas I usually can’t start a day without drinking it! I also understood that a colleague had started smoking again at her breath, while she was trying to keep it a secret, using chewing gum and other tricks (laughs). My man, who loves raw onions, was banned from eating them. When he broke the rule, I saw him immediately, and from afar! ”

13. Dizziness or fainting

Low blood sugar or low blood sugar can make you feel woozy. A drop in blood pressure caused by pregnancy is quite normal: hormonal changes weaken the blood vessels. But stay alert and talk to your doctor. Eat enough and stay well hydrated.

14. Bleeding

If you notice the presence of small spots of blood, it may be implantation bleeding: the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall and causes slight bleeding (most often pink in color). If you have a light period, you may be mistaking the bleeding for your period.

Awatef tells us: “I had a presentiment of something and therefore took a pregnancy test, which turned out negative. Afterwards, I noticed that I was bleeding, which alerted me that the test was probably supposed to be a false negative. There followed great pains which confirmed that I was pregnant. ”

15. A late period

Most early signs of pregnancy? Premenstrual symptoms (cramps in tight breasts). How to make the difference? The most telling clue is without a doubt the lack of rules. Is your cycle regular and you are late? You should buy a drugstore pregnancy test. Fingers crossed for you!

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