The 6 health benefits of chicory

Chicory: ideal for replacing coffee

With its subtle taste of caramel, soluble chicory prepared as a hot drink has more than one advantage. Unlike coffee which is a stimulant, it does not contain caffeine which raises the blood pressure and tends to exhaust the adrenal glands, already plagued by stressful lifestyles and overly processed diets.

Chicory: good for the liver and transit

Depurative and draining, it is the plant detox ultimate. Chicory maintains liver function because it is slightly choleretic: it stimulates the production of bile, which flushes toxins from the liver. It is also an excellent tonic: drinking one or two cups of soluble chicory (preferably organic) or an infusion of the roots can also help in case of digestive disorders or constipation transient.

Chicory awakens the appetite

After illness or heavy treatment, it can help regain appetite. For an effective result, drink 3 to 4 cups of infusion prepared with roots or instant drink.

Chicory: a drink rich in antioxidants

Vitamin A and Cflavonoids carotenoids… It is full of nutrients that protect cells from oxidative stress, in other words from the harmful impact of free radicals on our body. By integrating chicory into its daily diet, we therefore put all the chances on our side to fight against aging and cardiovascular illnesses.

Chicory: many trace elements

Particularly rich in minerals such as do, where the phosphorus, but also in vitamins B9, K and E, chicory in the form of a drink or salad (escarole and curly leaf are part of the same family) is a real anti-deficiency ally when it is consumed regularly.

Chicory: rich in protective fibers

With around 3g of fiber per 100g, chicory roots, which more precisely contain inulin, guarantee us top intestinal flora and good transit. She acts like a prebiotic by nourishing the good bacteria present in our intestines. As a bonus, inulin would also help to lower the level of cholesterol and sugars in the blood.

How to consume chicory?

Soluble chicory can be prepared equally well with animal milk, vegetable milk or water. The base is 2.5 grams of chicory per 125ml of liquid. Chicory grains can also be steeped in hot water for 5 minutes before adding a little honey or sugar for more indulgence. In the middle of summer, you can add ice cubes for a super refreshing drink.

thanks to Frédérique Cervoni, naturotherapist.

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