The 6 health benefits of maca

1- Maca tones the body

Calcium, magnesiumphosphorus selenium, zinc… Maca is a bomb of nutrients bursting with minerals and trace elements. But the tuber also provides those who consume it with vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, D3, E and P, and not less than nineteen amino acids. An exceptional richness which has earned it the reputation of being an excellent energizer, used as a cure to combat anemia and temporary fatigue.

2- It is a natural aphrodisiac

It is nicknamed “Peruvian Viagra” because the Incas already consumed it to prepare aphrodisiac drinks. Maca is still considered one of the most effective natural sexual enhancers. Today, we know that the plant owes this reputation to an alkaloid contained in its tuber: macaine. This substance would have the power to wake up libido women, but would also help these gentlemen to overcome impotence and erectile dysfunction.

3- Maca fights against stress

If it is recommended to reduce anxiety, it is thanks to its complex nutritional composition and to a molecule in particular, produced by maca methanol extract. The latter would promote rebalancing of the nervous system.

4- She is the ally of women

Thanks to its famous macaine which acts on hormones, maca is a precious tool for women’s health. It can help reduce menstrual symptoms, compensate for the loss do during menstruation, or alleviate the inconvenience associated with menopause.

5- Maca to boost male fertility

As a powerful tonic for the body, it is attributed with beneficial effects on sexual vigor. But several studies have proven that its richness in nutrients would also act on spermatogenesis (the production of sperm), provided you consume it regularly.

6- It boosts immunity

As this super plant is considered one of the richest dietary supplements in essential vitamins and nutrients, it is ideal for preventing deficiencies and supporting our immune system. The good idea: a one-month cure when the seasons change to boost your natural defenses.

Attention ! Seek medical advice before starting if you are pregnant, have metabolic syndrome orarterial hypertension. In particular, an overdose could lead to an increase in blood pressure.

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