The 9 essential oils to have at home

An essential oil is composed, among others, of acids (anti-inflammatory),; alcohols (monoterpenols, diterpenols, sesquiterpenols, anti-infective); aldehydes (volatile, antibacterial odorous molecules); ketones (regenerating and healing); coumarins (calming and antiparasitic); phenols (antivirals and toners); terpenes (which regulate the immune system). Here are the ten essences to have in your closet to overcome the little worries of everyday life.

1 / Peppermint

It is depurative, tonic, hypertensive, analgesic, expectorant, carminative (it eliminates gas).

Good for: fight against general fatigue, nausea, motion sickness, digestive problems …

2 / Rosemary

It is diuretic, antispasmodic, analgesic and healing.

Good for : calm coughs, improve memory, treat rashes, abdominal pain and rheumatism.

3 / Fine lavender

It is antispasmodic, hypotensive, antimycotic, anti infectious.

Good for: all skin problems, urinary tract infections, skin yeast infections, treat ear infections.

4 / basil

It is decongestant (venous and hepatic), antispasmodic, hypotensive.

Good for : problems of digestion, aerophagia, dyspepsia; it relieves painful periods.

5 / lemon essence

It is sedative and antispasmodic, tones the digestive system, helps to thin the blood, stimulates the activity of the liver and the gall bladder.

Good for : nervousness, insomnia, palpitations, swollen legs, hemorrhoids …

6 / lemon balm

It is sedative, anti inflammatory, antifungal.

Good for: calm digestive and intestinal spasms, stomach cramps, fight against stress and depressive states, rebalance sleep.

7 / The noble laurel

It is anti infectious, anti-inflammatory and invigorating.

Good for : infections and inflammations of the mouth, skin infections, mycoses …

8 / The clove tree

It is anti infectious, anti bacterial, anesthetic and invigorating;

Good for : fight against dental pain, fatigue, stimulate the immune system.

9/ Le niaouli

It is anti infectious, antiseptic, antiparasitic; febrifuge and decongestant.

Good for : fight against viral hepatitis, genital herpes, shingles, sinusitis, bronchitis.

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